Interrupting Eblis Cast Out Pull

Using Red Mist (and potentially other abilities) on Eblis before, during or after the pull for ‘Cast Out’ buff causes the pull to fail or revert you back to your original position outside the circle, causing death by Shadow in the Blood.

EDIT: Did not replicate when soloing on storymode.

This has also happened to me as healer - not quite sure what did it tho. Perhaps it was my slippery Golden body.

IDK if it’s the same thing but sometimes the pillars would actually cause LOS issues in the old TSW game and we always made sure to not be line of sighting him through a pillar if he was doing the pull (making sure to move to the side if needed so we could be in sight of him for the pull). Wouldn’t explain the red mist thing but there were many a times as a healer I would accidentally LOS him and have a weird issue once in a while. Might be worth trying if you have more than one occurrence of that.

No obvious LOS issue, but perhaps the bug is related (at least blinding Eblis in the eye with the Red Mist laser beam).

I am a healer, under these circumstances, as a Rifle/Blood, so no HOTs underway, but the tank might be under a barrier effect at the time.

This bug happened a half-dozen times causing my death and group wipes until I understood the problem was the Red Mist Cast Out combo, and so circumvented by being careful not to use at anytime prior to Cast Out occurring.
The recent instance was when using RM straight afterwards which reverted me back to my pre-pull position.

The Red Mist ability/cast doesn’t complete.

Edit: I wonder if the problem is similar to the Superluminal Bridging Device/Flicker bug

I know in TSW you could seriously mess up Cast Out by using a root effect (fist gore or some chainsaw move would root both player and target) maybe Red Mist has something similar?

For me there was just no purple/white line attached to me and no LOS issue with the pillars.

Update to include ‘Cast Out’ fail whilst using Blood basic ‘Mend’ on E6.

And also whilst attempting to attack him in the centre during ‘Cast Out’ with Mjolnir on E1.