Introduce a new NPC race and Bosses. Goblins: Hear me out

In May of 1988 there was a Conan comic book dealing with goblins. Lore wise, this race is very vast in alot of rpgs and write up fantasy novels, and is existing in the Conan lore and world. It is also the same comic where red sonja appears with conan. ( Brief Reference of Comic here.

Now goblins and their infrastructures are explained in depth in many RPG driven campaigns and explained to the point where nearly all source material regardless of the publishers and developers are all consistent.

The tales of goblins from many source materials and encounters ranged from both single low level encounters to national level responses are covered in alot of references in other game source materials.

Goblins do get dismissed by alot of people in both story and role play. They think that they killed one or two of them that was near their village, that they are weak not realizing that they maybe stragglers from a much bigger nest or encampment that was destroyed. Later that over confidence will get them kill.

They are usually horde type creatures, where the strength truly lies in their numbers and types.
You have many different types, but a few that I will list.

Normal drone like all around goblins being the standard, typically small, cannon fodder, usually the size comparison to the IMPs that are in game already. They atttack with various weapons, clubs, short swords, and may even use shields, with archery and orb throwing, much of which AI and mechanics are in the game itself. Prefer weapon type is wood or iron, armor is usually none-exsistent, comprises of mainly rags or nothing at all. Fire is their weakness but normal drones lack the passive ability to heal unlike their higher level counterparts.

Heavy Armor goblins, pretty much the same as goblins but they wear armors instead of rags, usually equipped with spears or swords or high quality such as steel or harden steel, lacks the passive ability to heal as well.

Goblin Beast Riders: although I know mounts are still a touchy subject, the Goblin Beast rider’s choice of animal kinship is the wolf, which wolves being in the game already would make it a nice compliment in purges, they don’y have to be riding mounts but can spawn like the beast raider purges.

Then you have the Goblin Shamans which are adept to healing and magical attacks. Still short like the others mentioned above but resides in nests and encampments, there is always a ward or a totem that will depict one being present,they will usually have a staff in hand and some witch doctor like head gear, weak in itself but always has strong support near by such as maybe 10 or more normal goblins.

Champions (Suggest 1 skull rating): Much much bigger versions, most likely say kinscourge size relative in game. Most moderate or further developed nests and establishments may have one as a leader, bigger places will have 2 to 3 more in most consistent lores. They are the rarest to produce as goblins produce thru force subjugated human women, which they usually keep as prisoners until proven infertile and then disposed of, weapons are usually oversized heavy weapons and come with passive healing skills with a weakness to fire.

Goblin Heroes (Suggest 3 skull rating): Pretty much like a champion but is well reknowned and named.

Goblin Lord (Suggest 3 skull rating): The absolute leader of a fully developed nest. A better description would be a General. No magical abilities but excels in close combat and most notably speed, potential the same AI as the final battle in the midnight grove divine dungeon.

Now for the goblin nest: They are reverse in their active time in lore, their nights are like our day, but that shouldn’t break the immersion. They usually nest in dungeons and caves, or abandoned structures.
A small nest will usually comprise of 10 goblins with a shaman as a form of makeshift team leader. Regular nests are usually 20 normal goblins which comprise of one or two shamans a champion\hero. Big nest comprises of 30 normal goblins 3 to 4 shamans, two champions, and a single goblin hero.
Fully developed Nests will have 40 or more goblins, 4 to 6 shamans, 3 or 4 champions 2 heros and a goblin lord.

Goblins are non-enslavable according to most majority of most dnd and rpg games (Written, or video games). In conan, while not a whole lot of details, seems to be non-enslavable.

This is just a suggestion that may add more to the game, i’m not saying lets make every suspected unfinished dungeon entrance be filled with goblin nests. But it is a small idea that may add more to the threat of the exile lands and add more challenge, or easily self accomplishments to the players, guild or not.

The possiblity is there. I do not expect the devs to consider it exactly like I have typed up, but just a idea to work around if they feel it plausible or possible and beneficial to the game.

One of the attractions of the Hyborian world is that it’s kinda raw. Howard never got into world-building in the same way as e.g. Tolkien or later imitators, and being one of the first pioneers of popularized high fantasy, the Hyborian Age lacks many elements now commonly found in post-Tolkien high fantasy.

It’s this uniqueness that gives the Hyborian Age its attraction, and I feel that adding too many modern fantasy elements into it would reduce its uniqueness. Howard’s world was a human world built on the ruins of ancient pre-human civilizations, elder races and alien gods from beyond the stars. A “civilization” of demi-humans, whether it’s goblins, elves, dark dwarves or whatever, don’t fit in the theme.

Your source is from a time 50 years after Howard’s death, and unfortunately not all later adaptations have been successful, or true to the original style. I’m afraid your goblins are among these less faithful attempts.

(It’s also worth noting that neither the Red Sonja from Marvel Comics, nor the Red Sonja of the movie of the same name, are based on Robert E. Howard’s Red Sonya of Rogatino who was a 16th century East European adventuress. They just borrowed the name.)

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So is this game based off of Howard’s vision or the other imitators as you put it?

It’s based mainly on Howard’s vision with some input from imitators like how Conan is shown. Even if it became the iconic representation for Conan, it isn’t how Howard describe Conan.
Anyway, goblins have nothing to do with anything based on Howard’s Conan the Cimmerian.

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Ah ok. Thanks for clarifying. I apologize if i seemed argument, i really was not.

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