Introducing Age of Conan (like) Classes - Alternative ways to play other than Meister Craftsman/Consumer

Hello please read this aswell. Taken from another responde at another thread by me. It is at General discussions. I am sure you will find this interesting and true.

I believe soloing the game barenaked without anything [ Conan ] was a joke by you. This is Not solo survival of a virtual adventurer/exile at Conan’s Hyborean age, as advertised. I would also have no problem if the game was introduced as what it really is. How it could be without getting far from Hyborean lore:

Narration: ‘’ You are an exiled Stygian Enchanter/Summoner apprentice wizard who was sent to a parallel universe. Your physical existance is powerless without your Enchanted/Magical arms and armor and your nothing without your Magically Summoned/Enthralled pets. ''

We would start the game as a young Stygian wizard and Thoth-Amon himself could wellcome us instead of Conan the barbarian. Thoth-Amon would teach us the ways of crafting magical arms and armors that channels us Set’s blessings; healing through witchcraft and magically enthrall/enchant humans and summon-control animals and the undead through Necromancy , after each level up. [ Becasue the game is this now ]

This introduction would actually fit the actuall gameplay more.

This, is what I am speaking about. Our virtual character is actually not a survivor right noıw. How about introducing alternative virtual characters that can actually survive by their own physical existance and experience instead of ‘magically’ snapping Magical arms and armors or magically enthralling humans, animals, undead and Gods to himself. We allready have the Enchanter/Summoner character version.

That is great success. Congratulations , so you do that Solo World Boss hunts, by your basic abilites, base character specs and attributes then… I see. The only way I can do it is, by wearing all those tier armors, weapons and tier healing items at my inventory. I find Barbaric setting and using stone tolls against any boss a true challange and lag usually kills me without a doubt. Not by my character stats at all. I admire you.

This is one of those things that go for the idea of “option”, “path” or “area” economics.

While some people like to be told what to do, and follow a path, some people like to choose what they do, and have options. Other people like to cover an area and do whatever they can managing time and interests in doing so.

Classes, Professions, “places to be”, pertain to a kind of game that appeal to people who likes “paths” to follow. That is why Age of Conan is not a Openworld survival game. It has “elements of it”, but it must appeal to its crowd. It would not make sense for a game like Minecraft or a game like Farm simulator, to make it so you have to follow a path to something. It is not what people look for in those games.

Options are the most widespread appeal of any game, eg, having attribute points you can freely distribute in your stats rather than your class determining most of them, and armor determining the other, to which the class restricts use. While options are good, they are not freedom, and the frenchman is right and repeating Eastern Philosophy concepts when he says in the movie matrix:
“No, wrong, choice is an illusion, created by those with power to those without it”.

Options are a form of control. Options offerings are not giving you freedom, but giving you the ability to follow patterns that fit the needs of those in charge of giving you them. It is what happens in most “profession based games”, in which coupled with market vs loot, determine what professions are feasible and interesting by virtue of saturation. They need 8 blacksmiths and 5 leatherworkers, so they make it that you can choose to be either, both or neither, but as 8 blacksmiths are active and prolific, it is discouraging to be one, directing people who might be either to be leatherworkers.

Despite not having mostly the notion of it, many people dislike this structure because it feels “empty”.

A feature not present in MMOs that make people gravitate towards games like Conan Exiles is the fact that it has “open area” or “open World”. Open World does not only pertain to a map you can explore, but also the things you can or cant do.

I can be a blacksmith one day, leatherworker one day, have thralls or players to do it and manage them, while being something else. I can harvest, loot, whatever.

Many mods and servers lack the understanding of this economic concept, and therefore alienates people who might otherwise love to be playing there, by thinking what they offer is freedom, when they are actually taking from people the freedoms the game itself affords them.

This idea is one of those.


Dude. :astonished:

That’s one of the best write-ups I’ve ever seen on this forums. You need to write more. :clap:


Which means less and less player interaction. More antisocial experience. Everyman builds his own realm inside Conan exiles map but never interacts with anyone else, just keeps expanding his settlemnt as if living all alone at a remote island (Robinson Crusoe)

Self served Social distinction…

Meanwhile, a player can restart a new character at another server anytime. Not only that CE has Couldron magic that helps a player to reset his stats anytime. Additionally a new professin/class system does not mean (example) a Blacksmith will be only a Blacksmith at all. Same in real life people have many interests other than their main interest.The main interest is for earning cash and making his life.

So there is no real reason to be antisocial or shy player doing everything allalone at every gaming session.

Ingame- Only speaking through microhpone isnt real social interaction through game but its regular voice chat.

What we are speaking about here, is not PVE nor PVP experience… It is nowhere a sandbox experience aswell. It is playing an online game, all alone without needing help or social interaction of others; as if playing an Offline/Single player game all alone at home. (Old time PC gaming experince before the internet was out)

One of the main reasons of server issues is hundreds of gamers at Online games pulling themselves back and keep playing alone…Keep growing their solo play kingdoms at online game. This leads to a growing number of anti social gaming communtiy and a massive problem of Server LAG, out of ‘‘Dont touch my lonely realm of solitude. Leave me all alone’’

While everyone deserves solitude at times, I can not see why would a fellow gamer logs in to an infamous Online game and then pulls himself back to a remote island which keeps growing bigger and bigger at online map forever.

This ,as it seems, is not only a debate about classes and professions; but also an issue about the gaming society. It points out having hard times at socialising; having hard times at, actually playing the game with other players, eventually sharing nothing or no experience with anyone else at all. (Playing only with close relatives is not playing with the actual gaming communtiy aswell)

Ladies and gentlemen, I assume we all speak about the same Conan Exiles Online > Multiplayer Sandbox experience game. (Some of you fellow gamers are clearly speaking about Single player experience)

Take a lesson from SOE. In one days they lost 70% of the players just walked away.
Just by going from an anything goes class, to you have to play one of 9 forced classes.

Let move forward in the gaming world, not backwards


Are you suggesting that i must interact with other people just because it’s an online game and i shouldn’t be able to survive on my own and depend on random players that may or may not have the skillset necesary to make a kind off functional society and then also depend on them to play the rest of the content by using, maybe, a trinity system (heal+tank+dps) to force player dependency and turn the game into a pseudo-mmorpg?

Guess most talk about both. Thats the beauty with open games that have no classes. You can play it anyway you want. Sometimes I go solo, other times I go with other people. If you want to be a pure damagedealer or healer or watever, just go ahead and do it. There is no need to have classes that ruins the game for solo players. They payd to play the game too. There is no right way or wrong way to play the game


I’m definitely talking about online multiplayer experience. Since the game was released in 2018, I haven’t used single-player for anything other than designing my bases.

I’ve been playing on several official PVE-C servers and private PVE servers all this time, and I’ve seen some wonderful communities on them. There’s nothing “antisocial” in relying on your own skills and resources, and it doesn’t preclude the formation of a community. That’s your own narrative and speaks more about you than the game itself.

Interacting with other people isn’t real social interaction? Are you even aware of your own bias and how you’re asking for a change in the game mechanics in order to force your own values on everyone else?

PVE stands for “player versus environment”, not “a group of players forced into codependency by the game mechanics versus environment”. Same for PVP.

“Sandbox” doesn’t mean “forced codependency” either.

Again, just because you seem to play on servers where there’s no community where people help each other and do fun things together, doesn’t mean the rest of us have had the same experience. Here’s a novel thought: maybe you don’t need new game mechanics to improve your own situation.

Did you play games before the Internet? Because I did, and I still remember very fondly playing with other people. We would throw LAN parties or connect head-to-head via modem. Hell, even the old BBS servers – that’s some pre-internet “ancient history” right there – had multiplayer games like TradeWars 2002.

No, it doesn’t. Many players don’t even understand how their builds affect the server performance. And then there are those who do, but refuse to change anything. Those people are what I call “bad neighbors” when I’m in a good mood, or “selfish jerks” when I’m not.

What I don’t understand is how you don’t see something that seems very obvious: introducing a class system will not change those people.

Nah, mate. That’s how you want to frame it, but it doesn’t hold water.

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Being honest. Conan Exiles cant go further without introducing the new ways to play and new ways to customise the character (not visually)

Pve can not go further with taking a photo for souvenir style. Build some ornaments and share the visuals. How far… ? This is not sandbox gaming but only single player simulator experience.

If anyone is going to ignore the ghost town mode of the Pve side and watch it turn even emptier. Then it is fine. The character customisation (not visuals but functionality for multiplayer and in game roles) lacks depth.

Anyone can ignore the situation at hand and can post passive agressive comments about an humble suggestion for bringing a change. The posts at forums and at the net and the honest criticism about CE is in the open. Ignoring the reality and block attempting any type of change is not really a constructive and positive approach. This is actually what I meant with anti social attiude.

I humbly ask the moderators to please lock the post. Since there is no more constructive ideas or conversations around the suggestions.

Thank you very much.

closed as requested