Introducing AOvault


Dear Anarchy Online fans,
Today is the day that i am announcing a project i have been personally working on for a couple of months now.
AOvault is an initiative to archive Anarchy Online in order to keep the game and everything related to it alive for as long as possible,
think about it like a time-capsule. Many video-games stop being sold and slowly start to vanish into complete forgiveness forever,
the reasons being that nobody plays them anymore, or that less and less people possess a copy of said game.

AOvault aims at avoiding Anarchy Online to go down that path, i personally love the game and this is why even if one day
Funcom decide to stop the servers and cease all work on the IP for an indefinite amount of time, AO will still exist, it will be there living, as long as there will be
hard-drives to store data, AOvault will be there somewhere for us, and for future generations to appreciate.

This archiving project exist on multiple platforms, we have a Gitlab where you can browse all of our content and even download what you want
but we also have a Mega account where you can download the entirety of our content bundled in a nice package.
If you only wish to see images we also have a Pinterest page or maybe you want to just watch videos or listen to the awesome
Anarchy Online Music Collection Volumes and then we also have a Youtube for that !
Everything has been made in order to provide you with the best experience possible, for instance, the Youtube channel comes with all the videos
neatly divided between different play-lists to categorize every kind of videos.

Here are the links:

Unfortunately Youtube has disabled the notification system it once had. If they did kept it, i could have made a nice system
where you only have to click on the title you wish directly on the videos instead of just providing the track list in the
description box below the videos.

However, i hope you will enjoy the project as much as i enjoyed working on it, spread the word if you like the initiative,
there always is room for improvement and it will be a pleasure to make AOvault as great as it can become.

If you have any suggestion/feedback or if you just wish to contact the maintainer of the project, you can send me a DM
and i will reply as soon as i can.

Anarchy Online fans, i wish you all the best,

Downloadable patches(.exe) from 18.1.1 and onwards


Nice initiative :slight_smile:

I see there’s a listing for Saavick’s Map too, but with a text file saying it can’t be found. You can download it here.


Thanks a lot Saavick !
As you may have noticed the project is still a work in progress !


Great effort! Though, you could credit people that have been working on this for far longer.
I started archiving things long ago, and only in 2016 I posted my gallery. I have been crediting the people who helped me and I hope people do as well.

Originally at!-Let-s-contribute-to-preserve-game-history

I would be interested in a collaboration to try and make the best out of both people interested in archiving and discovering everything about the game. I see you already added all my gallery.


First of all, good morning/afternoon Timba !
I highly respect the work that you have done and i never hid the fact that i gathered from your work to create AOvault, when i presented the project on Reddit, a user told me i could do a collaboration with you, and linked me to the same link you just sent. I politely answered that i included your work in the project and that i would have liked to contact you but since it was impossible to create a new account on the old forums i did not really know where else i could send you a message.

Once again, sorry for repeating myself, but this is a work in progress, and i am not planning on taking all the credits for myself, i have to re-download the whole repository through Git because of a stupid mistake i made, but once this is done, i will push a file where i credit all the contributors, i am thinking about how i can make it look good.
Don’t get me wrong, i have no merit on this initiative, although i started AOvault without using your work, i have been quickly reminded by a fairly new friend of mine that it would be faster to not “reinvent the wheel” so to speak, i would say AOvault is 90% what you did, if not more, my goal was just to expand it, make a youtube, a pinterest a Mega account, as well as using a noticeable name other than “Concept Art”.

I just want the archive to be more visible and easier to get/find, that’s all.

As for the collaboration, i always said i would be glad if anyone contacted me to help improve AOvault or even contribute, and that includes you !

I really hope you did not take it the wrong way, you did a wonderful job and you certainly saved me a ton of struggle !

May 17th, 2018 Edit: The list of contributors is now up: