Introducing AOvault


I found an old GUI package named AO Omni Terminal GUI Version 1 and old launcher skins at internet archive.

I uploaded a copy of the gui .exe to

You may find this interesting:


Note, I have Basher backed up from the point we closed it in 2003. Most of the links to tools etc are dead, unfortunately (I didn’t want to host them off the owner’s pages)

What is nice is that I did manage to save all of the news items, and some of the tools like server status etc are still there. It ain’t much, but the news archive may be an interesting time capsule.


Higain, thanks a lot for this contribution, i will add you to the list of contributors !
Very well done !


It is a shame that we could could not save everything, but without you i may have never been able to save Basher, thanks a lot, you are added to the list of contributers too.
There more coming for AOvault in 2019, including a website i would like to make, so if you ever have any suggestions, please do.


Blender-type motion videos are found here:

This is a cool flash graphic:


I added Higain and Zagadka to the contributors list as well as what you contributed.

Do note that the MEGA link is FINALLY available.