Introducing Server -> Dirty Thiefs (PVE-C) / With PvP Tournaments

SERVERNAME: Dirty Thiefs

Hey everyone, if someone looking for an Xbox Conan server, my friend and I created one, including events and discord. The creative mode is active until Sunday 03.09.23

The server is boosted, and we’ve got a shop with Siptah weapons.

The Server currencies are the raw materials from each area. More information on our discordchannel: DIrty Thiefs

We’re also looking for four Kings or Queens who own the own Kingdom.

Every King or Queen can vote for server events or settings. We’re open to creativity!

If you have any question, just let me know. I know that many people are offering servers, but well, I plan tournaments where people can get real money. This will be the first Conan Server where it’s possible to earn real money after winning of tournaments.

Before I can start the Tournament, we’re looking for server players. That’s the first step. Enjoy people and I wish you all a great awesome day.