Introduction. Warning

I don’t like talking to people. I do not like people. I am not a nice person. I want to be left the hell alone unless I need something. People have ruined it for me. That’s all you need to know. I’m only here to ask a question or two. And then I’m gone.

This is what I say to everyone, don’t think you’re special.

I was advised legally, to insert all this BS. They advised that I should count it as a legal disability.

So here’s the question, how do you kill remove a group of thralls 50 or more simultaneously? Event_kurakfight_badend causes too much lag crash

On PC.

If individually breaking bond with them doesn’t work for you for some reason…
You could always do it the “fun” way… Group them all up… temporarily turn on PvP and crank up Player damage and mow them down with a 2h Sword… :man_shrugging:

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Babe wake up, new SirLOL alt dropped

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I know, but they might still want to get rid of their thralls :man_shrugging:

Doubtful tbh. His “questions” are bait, if you don’t give him the “correct” answer, he’s going to fly off the handle and argue here until it gets locked, then continue in your DMs.

Meh, not like me to run from a good argument :smiley: Although sometimes I might not bother haha

In any case… you never know :man_shrugging: this question might be totally legit, I’m willing to pretend to be naive and give people the benefit of the doubt :slight_smile:

Enable admin mode, aim at the ground between them, press Ctrl+Shift+Del. Rinse and repeat until they’re all dead.


Then you are not in a position to set the terms as your need is clearly more pressing than mine to release information. I will fulfill your first request and leave you alone but only after giving you the bit of advice that you will be disappointed with this game as it is a social one and you will not enjoy it fully with antisocial tendencies.


You ok hun’? Need a hug…?


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