"Invalid thrall"

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance
Region: na

Twice now i have had my lvl 3 bearer thrall deleted. They were set to follow me and at a random time would no longer be there and I find their dead body shortly after. If I check my event log it says invalid thrall. This has happend twice now at my base, note that it was two separate bases, once each.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.have level 3 bearer thrall follow you around in your base

Check out how invalid my thalls are.

I’ve had many thralls die in my base too while following me.

I have encountered the same problem as well. Had thralls on follow. Took a thralls out to the unnamed city got bunch of materials travelled home. AS SOON as I walk through a doorway, or set them to stop following I come back shortly to a dead thrall i have lost cimmerien berserkers and level 3 fighters this way as well as a level 3 performer. Kinda upset about it. But I understand this is to be expected during open release time for open world survival games. Just want to voice my grievences and hope they are answered.

By the power of my steel… Please fix my thralls