Inventory Bugged

Yesterday the bottom row of my inventory became glitched. I cannot move or delete items on the sixth row in resource or bag tabs. I may have caused this by creating a saga character without a character slot for it. I have since deleted that character and it seemed to fix the problem, only to have the problem reappear today.

Since you have this problem the moment you created a saga character:
Do you use a custom UI?
If yes, did you modify / uninstall it to be able to create a saga character? (because some people had problems getting the button, you had to either modify or delete the custom UI)
Something might have gone wrong when doing this, try verifying the game data in the launcher (click on option and then on the button to verify it).

For the custom ui just reinstall it. Verfying is not needed.

It looks like a UI problem. It’s easy to check if a custom ui is responsible : rename the Customized folder in age of conan\Data\Gui\ to something else before you start the game.
Or you just went f2p ( it locks some inventory / bank slots i think ).

Also, saga servers do not require you to have free character slots to create a toon there. so this is not related.

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I do not have a custom GUI, but your suggestion to verify game settings led me to discover that the problem was with dx10. Thanks for the help.

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