Inventory management suggestion

I propose a slight alteration to the inventories we have now. the best i can explain is, having the first few rows available for things like armor, tools,potions (essentials) then below is the ‘junk folder’ if you will. sizes could be adjustable (with a limit?)
within the first “folder” you could attach (or de-tatch) your go to items so they’ll always be on top. then undesignated items will automatically fall in theen second category. maybe put folders lower or higher according to preference or value, with a capability of moving them up again. the settings in the folders will not change. God I have no idea if this is making sense let me know if not.might be I need to sketch it out, let me know if so.

I think the inventory management needs a lot of work. Not sure separating out the top couple rows is the correct way to do it but the existing name and weight filters are not enough.

Only custom allows you to arrange things but is very difficult for transfering things like stone to furnaces, you can have items you have to scroll way down past an empty space to find and sometimes when you double click on an item to move it the window moves your scroll.

I prefer custom so things like my torch, and chain and butcher knife and other stuff not on my hot bar all the time dont get lost of emptied by mistake as i like to keep them at the top.

What I would like to see is the inventory window to auto move items up like when filtering by weight removing the empty spaces so you dont loose things to the scroll.

Then add the ability to do a filter you can type in. For example I could type in stone and only see stone there for easy transfer. If you can make a transfer all button that only transfers what is visible under the filter that would be even better. Allow to easily filter wood or stone or leather etc and transfer it to its proper box or work station.

Then on the building side of the inventory, allow subfolders, so i could have a folder for building parts and inside that i might have sandstone, reinforced, khitan, etc and be able to find those part more easily from the large list of craftable items.

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