Inventory Paperdoll

Hello there, so there’s a problem with Conan Exiles i want to point out and a solution for it. First thing first i got a few computers that i’ve been using and testing this game with. My High end computer, mid and low end laptop.

On my high end and mid, there wasnt an issue so i prefer not to play on this since this type of player market is small in numbers.

So let’s talk about my low end laptop. Surprisingly in the laptop mode, i can run conan without any lagg and smooth frame rate. Not even crashing when numbers of mobs chasing me. This make conan a good potential game to support the big market that low graphic like runescape control. BUT there’s a major flaw in this which is the inventory paperdoll.

Everytime i open my inventory there would be a hick-up to the game trying to load the character paperdoll and sometimes crash me out. So here i wanted to propose funcom to copy what PUBG does, either put it in gameplay/setting or near the paperdoll to shut the paperdoll out. Players might not able to see their character(they can already see it using vanity camera) but by closing this, i think it will solve the “open inventory crash issue”. From my test, especially when server added mods that have some option to wear/remove armour existence it will crash a lot more.

So i propose funcome to have an option to remove this papredoll to just close that box and leave it empty. What PUBG does is, they only put a line of body there.

I hope this gets funcom eyes before the mount update and temper with it to increase players performance and fix the crash issue.

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