Inventory/pickup sound for items could be more immersive

Can we have a unique sound for every item, when we pick it up, move it in the inventory/chest? I feel like we’re in 2023 and most rpgs have this. For a game with so many items, the same sounds for every item feels like a missed opportunity by the devs. Games like Fallout did this flawlessly, and it’s very enjoyable to hear what you’re picking up or moving in your inventory.
Is there a chance we can increase the sound from eating/drinking? I think it’s very low, barely noticeable.

Hell no! I am forced to play with the game volume turned way down because eating and drinking sounds trigger me. I realize that I’m in the minority here, and I would never complain that they’re too loud, but they certainly DO NOT need to be turned up. If however, Funcom included a mute option specifically for the food and drink, that would be an acceptable compromise. I am okay with all the other sounds as they are, but I don’t object to them changing either.

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