Inventory Window Not Closing

This is happening only with my char PsychoCandy.
The core of it’s inventory window does not close anymore, only the window frame. The background as well as all the content of the inventory are always showing.

I’ve tried /reloadui, removed all mods, repaired the client, reinstalled the client and finally made a clean installation of the client in another computer, but the problem persists. Therefore it’s a problem on the server side.

Would anybody in Funcom support care to fix it? It’s hindering very much my gameplay.

Thank you.


It sounds as though you’ve pinned your inventory. When the Inventory is pinned, closing your Inventory will cause its ‘frame’ to disappear while keeping the table window itself persistent, allowing you to see your items at all times.

To unpin the Inventory, open it up ([i] by default) so that you can see the top header of it that says ‘Inventory’ and has all those tiny buttons. To the left of the Inventory label is a small pin icon.

Click on that pin and your Inventory should resume its normal, non-sticky behavior.

Please let me know if this helps!


Oh my god! That was it! I’ve gone through so much trouble for nothing. I just have never used this feature before. Thank you!