Invert X-axis option please

As the title suggest. Can you please ad an invert X-axis along the standard invert Y. (I know for a fact this is really damn fkn easy implement from programming perspective. So don’t give me some attempt at “hard to implement answer” because it it’s not. It’s basically a -1 multiplier with a menu option.)
I’m old-hag in gaming and bloodied myself on video games with things like Space Invaders in arcade halls and Tennis on early Atari 2600 systems before most of the people here was even born. As things progressed I have always preferred “full invert” when it come to camera options and in the the early days of 3d video gaming in the 3rd person perspective this was often an option. Granted, I have played mostly Japanese produced video games and there “full invert” is basically standard for all 3rd person games to the point where a “western” option does not even exist (Final Fantasy XII is a prime example). It have always been a frustration of mine to the point where many games have simply been discarded on first contact because not having this EXTREMELY simple to implement feature.
I know statistics say we are only about 4-5% of the western gaming community who really want this but given the easy with which it could be implemented I don’t see the problem other than unawareness or sheer laziness. I hope is it’s mostly the earlier so I hope for a correction but given that I have asked this for many games in many forums like this over the years without a proper response I fear it’s more of the latter. :s
Let’s see if you disappoint too.

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Given the absolutely abysmal track record western developers have on this issue I would not get my hopes up. :frowning:

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Well, seems you’re right :s

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