Investigation missions and vanity rewards?


I am fairly new to the game, I hit level 50 recently and am now running all of these fantastic investigation missions that I had previously missed.

I wonder, however, whether there are enough missions to give me all the investigation vanity items?

I am looking for a specific piece and it seems, by looking at the amount of quests I haven’t done, that it is uncertain that there will be enough quests to yield all the investigation rewards.

Or am I wrong?
If however I am right, does that mean that I will never be able to get certain vanity costumes?

Kind regards,

There are currently more investigation missions than there are investigation vanity reward items. Perhaps you are confused because there are a large number of vanity items that come from other sources?

Which vanity item in particular are you looking for?

Yes I may indeed be confused :slight_smile:

I am looking for the combat headset, to complement the outfit I use when playing AR… Which is something else than the style I use when playing Blood :smiley:

Some of the vanity costumes come from quests and some from achievements.
A lot more are purchasable for in game currency such as Marks of Favour or Aurum.

Each new Cache has its own theme for outfits, which are only available from that cache or if someone puts it on the Trading Post. Along with a different colour version only available from a trader in Agarther for the time of that Cache.

Also special events grant more outfits, such as the approaching Krampusnacht event which starts tomorrow.

If you can find it in the Dressing room, it will tell you where it comes from or how much it costs.

The Combat Headset is from the Vanity Reward Bags =), eventually you will come around to it. Each bag you open gives you an item you don’t already have, until there are no more items to give. As Aeryl said there are more investigation missions than vanity items in the the bags ^^.

Yes, and the item I am looking for is from Investigation bags, hence my question on the ratio of missions and Investigation vanity rewards… :wink:

That is reassuring, thanks! I love these missions to bits (they surpass even most quality singleplayer game missions!) so it’s not like I am disliking the journey!

Thanks to you all! This community truly is great and super friendly. Have a great day!