Invisble enemies and bosses

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Type of issue: [invisible enemies and bosses] Crash | Bug | Performance | Other

Bug Description:

Some enemies in the game and bosses are completley invisible when fighting them. I get attacked without knowing what they are attacking. I’m also playing the single / coop mode. Its becoming quite annoying when fighting them


No crashes

Steps to Reproduce:

I have no idea


Welcome to the Forum Exile. This has been going on for a while while bosses may not have been invisible as long as lower grade animals are NPC. Funcom is aware. Even some of our own pets are invisible. @Syph3r hopefully will be fixed before the next update. @Community any answer for us many people are looking for answers not just our new friend here?? Players are looking for answers and I can’t help them starting to feel bad about even responding to Players calls for help. Can’t dispense information that is not available!!!

on 2020 i started to play Conan Exiles and the bug wasn´´t on it. Since last year it apears and i had to stop using the game until now, and it persists…

Hello Sestus,

We are working on this issue and we hope to get it fixed as soon as possible. If any changes occur we’ll try to keep everyone updated :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

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Yes it does. Thank you.

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