Invisible blocks destroying themselves?

Most of the time when I log into the game, I hear the sound of a block being destroyed in my base. Sometimes I see the rubble of one at my feet. Yet, none of the blocks are gone. My base is intact with no missing parts.

What is this witchery?

A bug that has been around for a very, very long time. I think it has something to do with building loading. It is sort of like the game loads a piece, sees it doesn’t have support, and destroys the piece, then the supporting pieces get loaded, and the removed parts get restored now that the important part of the structure is loaded.

That or some other weird bit of logic in their loading system.

Rest assured, nothing actually gets broken (most of the time).

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The current issue is different from the past issues with invisible building parts. Presently what is happening is the parts look like they are there, but you can walk through them or sink into them. In my testing, it is intermittent for some reason. The Devs are fully aware of this, I am not sure where it is at as far getting it fixed.

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Me an my wife see it nightly when we both log in on out accounts we both laugh a lil an go okay of fun I ab pod start all or stuffs still here lol

I’m pretty sure he isn’t talking about that bug. The bug I believe we are talking about is the one that occurs when first loading in to the game and you hear your building collapsing, see the rubble, but everything is fully intact.

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I always thought that this bug was related to upgraded pieces that for some reason are still in the game.db but are replaced by the new ones while they load, so they get removed/destroyed when the replacing piece gets loaded.

My only clue is that I’ve seen it happen in several places on several of my bases and it’s always rubble from a lower tier different than the tier from which the building is currently made and that matches the tier that was there before the building was upgraded, and it’s always pieces that seem to be part of the same building as the standing ones are… and also, I never seen this happen on a building that didn’t receive upgrades… so… from there comes my my deduction :nerd_face:

Which can be totally wrong, as I haven’t verified inside the game.db to see if the upgraded pieces are still there or not, so it’s totally just a guess atm. and I’m too lazy to verify it properly :smile:

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Thanks for the replies. I won’t worry about it then.

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