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Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Here]

so i was in the wine cellar dungeon, and while me and my thrall were fighting theese turtle like monster a got knocked back. after that i was invisible. i could still choose a weapon and move, but i couldnt see myself or my weapon, and i couldnt do damge or interact with anything. i had to relog to get rid of the bug, but i was ported to the dungeon entrance, dungeon resetted and my thrall gone, i guess at home but he is not there yet ;(
is this a known bug? had it a few times already. theese bugs getting annoying funcom! we need bugfixes for so many things ASAP!!! we payed for this game and its just unplayable. its been one month and nothing has been done (on xbox) to fix theese bugs…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I’ve had this happen a ton of times, usually while gathering brimstone in the springs and being hit by rocknose. If it happens again, let another enemy hit you and it’ll bring you out of it without having to relog.

Hello @Rastigan, thank you for getting in touch!

Are you able to reproduce the issue consistently by getting knocked back by that same creature?

Did your character got knocked into any specific object or during a specific action/animation?

Can you confirm that this occurred during online play?

hmmm had this a few times now but never at the same place. first time in a dungeon. this time while aiming with a bow but i dont think the last times were with a bow. just fighting. and yes, on official xbox server

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Consistently? Not really, happens a lot when I’m farming brimstone in the Shattered Springs. My clan mates didn’t believe me, so I took videos, this one happened in the volcano:

But like I said, if you get hit again while invisible it goes away:

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I thought this was a well known issue?

Easiest way to reproduce is to go to the spider caves kind of under the Deathwhisper Ruins (Execeution’s Entrance).

Just aggro some spiders and wait for them to knock you down. You’ll disappear about 80% of the time, happens almost every single time I go there if I’m not careful. You are not only invisible but you can’t really interact with things - can’t mine, attack, or anything.

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