Invisible Enemies, Thralls attacking without weapons, bodys dissapearing

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for me playing conan is not enjoyable any more. so many performance issues, laggs, and bugs… just wanted to check if thats a problem with my xbox one s or if everyone got theese problems, even with better equipment.
in my clip you can see invisible enemies which i encounter almost every fight or atleast every second one. my thrall attacks without having a weapon in his hands (just visually bug) and the bodies of dead enemies disappear right after they die… really annoying when you want to loot them

my buildings take minutes to load in (yes they are pretty large at this point, might cause theese laggs while in the base)

if thats really the case for everyone, @funcom, pls try to fix theese problems, and improve your game instead on working on new content. i really dont need new dungeons, bosse and so on, i just want the game to run smoothly


Xbox one user here too I get same problems in the same areas friend of mine says these bugs have been here since day one so I presume they can’t fix them

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Hello @Rastigan, do you also have performance issues when playing in singleplayer?

Regarding online play, what server are you on and what’s your ping to it?

Is you console on a wired or wireless connection?

Does it exhibit signs of overheating or does it have trouble running other demanding games?

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i have this issues too on Xbox x

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i never play singleplayer, would have to try that out

i am playing on official xbox server #2004, in the server list it says ping 66

wired connection with really good internet

ia little bit warm maybe, but nothing close too hot or overheating.
i am playing division2, forza horizon4, gta5, rainbow six, shadow of the tombraider. everything without problems.

and when even xbox one x has theese problems, thats not the console#s problem i guess

oh and in the first video at the end you can see my thrall wearing my weapons, its another bug which is new i think. it shows the weapons i use on my thrall
[edit] saw that the bug in the last sentence is fixed today :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing additional details!

It would help us that you let us know if the issues also persist in singleplayer or in other servers/less populated areas.

Also, did you notice any improvements after today’s patch?

You know what since the patch the only thing you fixed was the loot boxes still have invisible enemies crashed 4 times today you can’t fix it whole reason I stopped playing ark

I can’t speak to the lag issues, but I will say that human corpses disappearing / falling through the world has been an issue for years, literally. And it still happens as of the most recent update.

Here’s one concrete example. Fighting a human fighter near the gates of Sepermaru. He has bleeds on him, and goes into the “grab your throat” dying animation as he bleeds out and falls through the ground. I could literally see him sink down under the terrain until he was outside of clipping range. That was on an Xbox (server, no lag issues, I was the only person online) just a few hours ago. So no mods, nothing but the vanilla base game.

I’ve also encountered the “invisible” enemies problem. When it’s happened to me, it was after I was knocked back into water (this was also in Sepermaru). When I swam back to re-engage, they were invisible, and still attacking me. I zoned into the Wine Cellar, then came back out, and they re-appeared.

and instead of fixing things we get rubberbanding of dooooom. after every port and even in my bases, without porting, rubberbanding for almost a minute. funcom really has no idea how to fix bugs :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :rage:

and there are so many more bugs which dont get fixed for years… and no - that is not my bad internet connection or anything like that.

I have the invisible enemies happen frequently in single player. Sad to hear it happens on xbox one x too.

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