Invisible head gear

One thing I LOVE about the fashion mod on my PC version is being able to make your headgear invisible. It would be awesome to have this in the normal game so I could have that on my Xbox version.


There is mod for this:
Mod id number: 1553287580

Hope that at least helped :wink:

First off I’d like to say I don’t care, other games have “hide helmet” it makes no difference to me.

However I don’t think it makes sense in conan.
You can choose not to wear a helmet, at the cost of the helmets protection.
There is no set bonus like in an MMO

So I don’t think this will ever become part of the game, people who want this will have to rely on mods.
Console players? well I can’t comment I haven’t owned a console since my children were young.
But I gather some console players want mods and some don’t.

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