Invisible Hyenas (mostly)

After many months of playing Ark i decided to return to CE isle of Siptah, however it seems that after whatever update, all the hyenas on the isle that i have encountered so far are mostly invisible, the only visible parts are their top-most hairs of their mane and eyes.

it hasn’t seems to effect the crocs, fishmen, vultures and bandits i’ve come across while making my way to the sandy beach area between the fractured-citadel area and the goblinoid wayshrine.

…but on the plus side, they have added kittens to the isle.

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I see you’re having invisible issues too I just had to issue a report on my rock nose and my spider going invisible lol

I run a complete agility build and the bejeweled set is amazing for stats as long as you don’t get hit lol That’s why I got my rock nose following me to heal me but it’s really hard to keep track of him cuz he’s freaking invisible

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Invisible for us yesterday and today. Really a pain since they are near our base

Apparently there was an update that was supposed to fix it, but it doesn’t seemed to have worked

PS4 - Age of Sorcery Performance Patch (2023.02.07) - Performance and general bugfixes [Latest: Hotfix 2 (2023.02.21)]:

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Here is something new when you die your body glows when you are trying to find it. Not sure if it glows for teammates or only dead player.

Clearly it hasn’t worked lol

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Any update on this Funcom?, having invisible enemies is a gamebreaker especially in EL since some corrupted/boss enemies are in very early game areas, including hyenas.


There are reports of these issues going back to September last year! on multiple platforms, online and singleplayer, so something in update 3.0 broke it.

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sounds like Funcom took a tip from Ark.

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I will say it is definitely helpful if you are going to be killed by invisible enemies being able to find your body is a plus
Would prefer to be able to see our attackers.

Add demon maelstrom dogs to the list of invisible enemies.

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My panthers have become invisible. I used totemic fodder to change them and they disappeared. All i see is their jewelry.

My greater bear, greater Sabertooth and normal Sabertooth become randomly invisible on siptah.
I am leveling the bear and I recognized that he wasn’t invisible while following but then again placed at my base I was searching for him to get the materials he cares with him.
I though I lost him but then there I saw his eyes and some fur on his head in front of me. And also the healthbar pops up.

While following this not happened to me.

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