Invoking convergence

Its time for me to start using my ???s as i have chests full of it.
There are things I’m not sure about and on which I’d love to get some input:
If i invoke a purge, will it always target the convergence trap? Or will it possibly hit a base at random (like a normal purge)
Do you get a different purge on different region of the island?
Will this be only human NPCs or do i get a chance to slaughter some cool monsters? ( I understood that the storm bosses are out of the equation. Can someone confirm?)

As usual, thanks in advance for your infinite knowledge :slight_smile:

  1. It will target any structure you have, it could be the one holding the trap, as any structure you have. If you have a clan there is a trick, within the system to get purges to attack the location you want purge to target.
  2. There is a siptah purge map on the wiki. Use Google and type purge map.

Note there are purges bot listed on the map, such as the drunken pirate purge.


Here is the map we were given which as Palm522 mentioned is also available on the wiki. It might not be 100% accurate but it should give you a rough idea where you can expect what:


Nice, thanks! I didn’t think of googling purge map…

What’s that trick? I was assuming the convergence trap was doing exactly that…

And now after reading more, I have the feeling this purge is really like a normal purge…
Anyone knows if i can trigger it outside of purge hours?

Maybe I missed it in the update notes. I know that the convergence trap can be used to trigger or summon a purge, but just exactly how? Do you load it up with eldarium and set it to go? Would it be preferable to put it near where you hope to be purged? Does it take long? Does the purge meter have to be full, or is it independent of the meter? I have looked through the wiki (consulted the ancient tomes) and am not seeing the actual steps on how to use it to get a purge going.

I’ve only used the convergence trap in Exiled Lands so far, but every time I use it the purge targets the base where the trap is.

Also, PSA, the stupid trap has a stupid play button. The very first time you use a trap you put your stuff in, click the recipe, and it starts. Any subsequent uses of that trap you put your stuff in, click the recipe, and nothing happens. You have to click the play button.

I can reply to some of these, it takes essences:
200 Unstable = It fills your purge bar to 100%

200 Lesser = It empties your purge bar to 0

It takes about a minute to craft.


no, you cant. all the purge rules applies.

however, the purges in siptah are apparently (after doing maybe 25 of them about a bit more of a half being human purges,) less profitable than their counterparts, t4 crafters usually 1 t4 crafters, up to two, the stygian mercenaries invaders can spawn several t4 taskmasters, one of them actually a tanner with a taskmaster name XD.


Wait, what? You can craft convergence traps in Exiled Lands now? I’ve been on a hiatus and I must’ve missed this change.

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No, I admin create it.




Me too! Convergence traps were a long overdue idea that should be universally available. Personally I don’t care at all for the moment - the game is so incredibly broken since patch 2.3 that I find it unplayable without admin powers and mods anyway, so I haven’t been playing official at all since 2.3 came out. But if they ever do fix thralls I would very much like to be able to build convergence traps in Exiled Lands.

■■■■■■ me, this explains why I got a harpies and then 3 drowned purges in a row curse my danmed luck >>

We used the trap 4 times.First 3 times the purge was at the trap.4th time purge was at another base in the clan.2 purges all monsters.3rd purge spider lookin things.4th purge was all thralls with 3 t4s.We could only get the trap to work during PVP time.We tried to do a purge 30 minutes before PVP time was over and it started but paused until the start of PVP the next day.
Hope this helps
Bigjohn Conans Clan


Is there a new purge map for the new Map additions on siptah? We just got a purge of the Accursed and man, it wiped out our little sandstone build.

So, is Unstable the only type of chaos useable, or can one use the equal amount of other chaos? Just curious, since I’ve got a buttload of Lesser Chaos sitting in chests.

Lesser is used for one recipe (bing your purge bar meter to 0), unstable for the other (bring your purge meter up to 100%). They’re not interchangeable and can’t be converted inside the trap.

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Any updated information for the two new sub-islands to the south? And if anything got adjusted?