IoS single player constantly crashing

Single player
Game crashes
Isle of Siptah
Xbox one

Everything works fine until I attack a hyena. Gathering, crafting, building, etc. are all completely functional. No lag or latency

Character is level 10. Wild hyena attacks and when I dodge, then retaliate with stone sword it crashed multiple times (quick attack and strong attack have same result)
Tried with stone club and again same result, crashed to dashboard

Have done hard reset, soft reset, uninstalled/reinstalled to no avail.

Play Exiled on Single player and Official Server with no issues at all. Issue is only on IoS

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Hey there, could you share some additional information with us, such as:

Do you have your game installed on an SSD or HDD?
Is the console stable playing other demanding games?

I don’t use an external memory device, the game is on my consoles hard disk space. I have nearly 200Gb free of 1Tb. Ark is one of my games that I regularly play and I’d consider it a very close ‘high demanding’ game and I have no crashing issues with that at all.

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