IOS - West Faction Summon Broken

So, my clan is on an official PvE-C server and we have been since Isle of Siptah launched. We have done countless 1000 chaos summons and even a few 1100 summons. We have come to the conclusion that the West faction or Set faction is not spawning the right % of T4 crafters and after who knows how many summons, we finally spawned a T4 Chosen of Set priest which was unfortunately IMMUNE to knockout damage and we were forced to kill it. Sad sad sad.

P.S. Now that I examined my screenshot, I just noticed that this “Priest” is categorized as “Guardian”?

I have had the same problem. Please fix. Its happened twice to me. Zero T4 crafters and only the Guardian, Set Priest that is immune to knockout.

So, we did just get a T4 Jhebbal Sag priest in one of our last summons and it had “Senechal” as a profession title instead of “Priest” so I’m guessing “Guardian” is just a different type of “Priest” since they too are crafters. That explains the different title, but the “Guardian” T4 Set Priest was still broken because it couldn’t be knocked out.

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