'Iron Hard Muscles' Perk needs a Buff

I am actually kind of curious if anyone else is in agreement with me on this. Based on the title, it is fairly self-explanatory, however I shall present a brief argument to accompany it. In order to obtain the Iron Hard Muscles perk, we must invest 105 of our total 390 points (26.9%) into Grit; more than a quarter of them overall. However, it is only (unless it has been overhauled without my knowing) 15 additional points of armour. This puts it roughly on par with a Dafari Skin Chestpiece. I just feel that for the points required to acquire it, it should be higher than it is. I mean 15 points isnt exactly what I would define as ‘iron hard’, although I am aware that the name is metaphorical. I was thinking somewhere more around the 30 points mark…or thereabouts. I dont know what the exact numbers should be; I am arguing the concept, not the exact number values. So…does anyone else feel that Grit perk 3: Iron Hard Muscles, need an enhancement, buff or overhaul? Leave you thoughts here.strong text


I pretty much stopped investing so heavily into Grit when I learned how underwhelming the IHM perk is. These days I only pump Grit up that high if I need to do a lot of running or expect lots of guerilla tactics when fighting.

The thing for me is, as long people can use easily potions to reset the perks, they don’t care to much how effective this or that perk is really. They set-up extrem builds for this or that situation, then next potion, other activity, rince and repeat.

I have several time desactivated the potions or limited them on servers. I think having to stuck longer, or chose a build for good change lot.
Then of course it’s much more about a choice. You will be a all-rounder, or a specialist in this or that. Team-work is maybe more important then ever. An other way to play.

But with default, and potion, i don’t barely push it so hight, even when grit is mostly important to me, and for what i like do in my game.

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In combat the largest stamina consumption by far are dodge rolls. And these are %-based.
Grit in its current form serves only climbing. If you plan to not climb today you don’t need any grit.

Grit itself and perks could use small overhaul.
I ussally only go 2 of 5. I climb everywhere trying find last places i havnt seen, 2nd perk regen some stam. (which could use a buff)

I’d rather see 5/5 perk be in 3/5 slot. And 5/5 be 40-50% stam cut.

Def perk seem more like a Str perk to me.

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Yes, iron hard muscles needs a buff desperately. Fortunately I play on PC (and a private server) and can use a mod to buff it to grant 50 armor.
In it’s vanilla form…the 15 armor are not worth it, except maybe for light armor user. For anyone who’s either using medium or heavy armor (or who, like me, prefers to mix armor weight) it’s not worth the investment.


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