Ironman Season 3! Come have fun with us! :)

A few of us in the community has been running an Ironman type event that lasts for as long as people can manage, season 2 started in July and now we’re preparing for season 3. The aim is for an early january start.

Anyone is allowed to join in as long as you follow the rules, you can be a veteran or a new player. To make it short we’re a bunch of people that play together from scratch, you’re not allowed to trade outside of the org, you’re not allowed to powerlevel (no OST’s, no teaming twinks, no AFK levling) or use the itemstore, no GMI of course and no transfering of items or funds from your other characters.

This is a community driven event and we go as far as we can, we have more specifics on the rules on our discord, you also need to sign up on the discord. At the moment there’s about 30 of us doing this.

Don’t be afraid to ask if there’s any rule that you dont fully understand :slight_smile:

We are currently voting for server/side/duration of level caps. We do the level caps to ensure that both hardcore players and more casual players can join in on the experience.

We had a ton of fun last season and we hope to have even more players join in this time around :slight_smile:

Follow this link if you’re interested: Iron Man Season 3

We hope to see you all on our discord! :slight_smile:

Updated the discord link (had no idea it expires after 7 days!)

We have 92 people in the discord in total, more than last season so we’re hoping for a busy season. More are welcome! :slight_smile:

Just a couple of days to go! The pre-start is on the 6th of January at 18:00 GMT (level 10 max until the official go on the 7th). We’re well over 100 people in the discord now, we’re looking forward to a busy season!

There will be some extra events on the 7th a couple of hours after the start, we will do a gigantic low level city raid and there might even be something bigger after! :slight_smile: