Is a mod like this possible?

Is it possible for a mod to display the Weapon/Talisman/Glyph/Signet XP to be shown as a number instead of an unhelpful bar?

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Have you taken a look at

Yes. It currently does 2 things. Jack and [Redacted]. Been trying to get it to work for a while now.

Update: Apparently it works if manually loaded. (Cheers to Pelo for the ingame support.)

Thought I saved this edit the other night, oh well.

That should be something FunCom makes available and shouldn’t require an addon, IMHO. I’m fairly certain people complained about this in beta for SWL, so why they don’t or won’t fix it is ???

I find it very annoying to see a bar only. Even if it worked only on mouseover to see the actual XP needed. I do hate slotting different distillates, etc., trying to NOT waste XP. (and no I’m not going to do the math. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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A good number of mods should be integrated into the main game. The modders have already done most of the work for them too.