Is blade of the seven wind good?

Just got this in the unnamed city. Only 26 health but 100% armor penetration and a bleed. Is this good for me or a thrall?

Nope… its a katana.

It looks good, particularly if you’re wearing Yamatai gear.
But the lack of a heavy combo, i find, makes it useless.

Katanas are also the worst weapons to put on thralls as they seem to just stand there in a permanent dash pose.

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*light attacks
3 light attacks + heavy Dash = a lot of damage.
But as you said it’s too situational.
You can even use it to dismount riders, but it’s todo easy to predict the katana’s Dash.

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I love katanas. I use them almost everywhere. That heavy dash on the fourth attack does a ton of damage. Usually people use it as three light and then the dash, but you can change it up and do something like light light heavy heavy or heavy light heavy heavy. The fourth light attack will also cause bleeding. The attack is a little slow, but it’s there.

I do not, however, equip them on thralls. Haven’t even tried, actually, because in the past equipping thralls with a weapon that was not the same type of weapon they already had would cause issues. So I try to just stick with giving them what they already know how to use. If they had an iron spear before, I give them a steel one or better. That kind of thing.

What he says.

I carry it just for humans. It is a fun blade.

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