Is CE getting worse?

On horseback, i cannot use bandages, the only viable means of healing atm, in water i cannot equip or use a bow. The horse gets pinned by npc rhinos, horses dont fight back, cant mount if horse is not on perfectly flat ground. Horses are broken.

Thralls stop fighting, get loaded underground, still find stopping in doorways, their primary goal in life. Weapons in thralls inventories become invisible, and cannot be forced into their hand to “reset” them into fighting. Can be commanded to kill another player, CANNOT take damage on pvec. Thralls are the major combatants in CE, able to withstand high dmg and effects like bleed and poisoning, they are the players tools for combat, comparable to a weapon, an extremly unreliable weapon. Thralls are broken.

Thats just horses and thralls…feel free to add any other reasons you consider FC is failing its players…what a mess…


Horses not fighting has been intended since that change was made. Not a bug.

Why do you think you should be able to use a bow in water? Not a bug.

And no, the game isn’t getting worse. As usual with these types of threads, the thousands of bugs that have been complained about in the past that are now fixed, is conveniently left out.



I can equip and use swords pikes axes on mount, in water, not the bow…

ÀRE broken. If you play any…arms and legs stuck in animation positions, just like a statue following me around…wont fight, invisible inventory, under the terrain…etc…ARE broken

And who complains about things that are nolonger relevent?

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Horses can take dmg, but cannot defend themselves.
Thralls can do damage to players, but cannot be damaged by players, pvec…all i am pointing out is the fact that FC has ho idea how to balance this game…Broken. more broken than before FC decided to make these changes…so the question is still valid, is CE getting worse?

Call me out Homes, don’t bring any of my brothers into it. I say and have said plenty critical especially on this subject. After all we been through with Followers, to have them in this very functional state is a TRIUMPH.

You might want to file a bug report. I have started a new player on a server and have had success with every Follower I possess. You might be encountering some legacy issues.


Well, cause Bows don’t work in water… Its one of those things, Were you See Speargun… and you go, OH, Bows can work in water. The amount of drag on string and arrow… it doesn’t work as well.

Technically as is, the arrows pass thru water… non of drag is there, If your talking about floating on your horse and firing bow… Then honestly, I’ve never been that lazy to fire at enemy who couldn’t fight back.

If AI could swim and and didnt register me as unfindable in water… maybe?

Ya, it sucks. And you try and move about in some of small spaces… and they only lodge themselfs into it more, lol.

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My bad I misinterpreted that part than :man_facepalming:.

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“Is CE getting worse?” No.

Bandages are not the only viable means of healing at the moment. Sadly, potions cannot be used either. It might be worth opening a thread to clarify whether that’s intentional or not. A separate, more constructive thread.

Open a bug and provide reliable repro. It actually helps get bugs fixed.

That simply wasn’t true the last time I played PVE-C. So either something changed very recently, or you’re confused. If it’s the former, file a bug and provide a reliable repro.

That will help. :roll_eyes:

Or maybe people could report bugs they care about and provide useful information about them. Because that will help. :man_shrugging:


IMO, it’s fine that they can’t heal on horse. Either they run away and get off the horse to heal or they use slow food and/or with 50 vitality.

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To be honest, it never bothered me at all. I never even tried it until I saw this thread. But different people have different play styles, so it might be worth discussing at least.

Not being able to use bandages (or potions) on horseback is probably the only negative for being on horseback sounds fair. There is already many threads that being on horseback is overpowered. Granted that was before they made recent changes to horseback combat.

Horses cant fight back… when does a horse fight normally? I am okay with this as well since the attack a horse can do is kick anyway excluding the charge which is in the game.
Rhinos pinning a horse… well a Rhino is bigger/stronger and massive, it would make sense they could pin a horse. I am okay with this concept.

Not being able to draw a bow on horse back in water, well that could be a bug or oversight since being in water normally can not shoot a bow so the game mechanic probably took that into account.

Weapons going invisible sounds like a visual bug but I have not seen that.

Thralls/pets stopping in doorways, there is work arounds for that by moving farther in to make it move out of the way.

Personally, the game has gotten better the past 2 years I been playing.

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Why are comments straight up being removed here??? There was nothing wrong with my comment :man_shrugging: Ease up mods.


It’s not getting worse. It’s actually a good time to jump back in if you ever left that is. Isle of Siptah is really worth the price tag and I heard there’s alot coming in the future. I wouldn’t quit this game anytime soon tbh and if you’re not playing right now, you’re just missing out on those twitch drops. :sweat_smile:

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Xbox, pvec thralls can kill players, like over a year now…i personally sent Hugo a DM to which he replied, it IS a thing…on xbox anyway…before the command controls for thralls were implemented thralls could still kill your toon if you got infront of a nonclan thralls attack, been like that since i started playing, almost 2.5 years…

Best would be to record a video as proof if others don’t believe you.


May 20, 2020

Everytime someone has accused me of lying or being wrong i have responded with proof…i grow weary of this…I DO NOT LIE, EVER. I do not have the best memory, and lying requires being able to recall what you have said in the past. The truth is unforgetable, as it is a fact.

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