Is despawning baby rhinos reportable?

Or is it okay since there are other spawn points around the map?

Can you provide more details?

Just as world bosses are no longer subject to action on despawning, neither would a baby spawn for rhinos if they can be obtained elsewhere.


3 skull world bosses drop keys. im too assume 3 skulls bosses are still reportable because of the key factor…no? 1 skull i can see maybe not?

But if this is just an plain ol animal then one should be fine then?

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A friend built on a rhino spawn, and we have some griefers. So i dont want a bogus report going thru and then they get taken away over that or pettiness. I rather them fix it before something happens.

Despite the fact they drop keys, it’s no longer an infraction to despawn/block them. I’ll have to dig up the reference but I’m on mobile right now and the app is testy for me. You can search in the forums for the time being.

Should be fine to despawn a baby as long as it is able to be obtained elsewhere.


Call me a pessimist, but it’s possible that the griefers will still find something to report you for. Since neither the rules nor the enforcement are clear enough for people to avoid getting punished, you should be very, very careful, comb the rules for anything that can be used against you, and make contingency plan for if the griefers do get you suspended.


I am very much a pessimist too. And you are 100% right about guidelines and such being unclear. Hopefully funcom can introduce better building guidelines soon or do build restrictions like ark or fallout. We have tried to comb thru everything possible. Thats just one we need further clarification. Thanks for keeping it real.


Welcome to the forum m8.
I don’t think it’s reportable.
I don’t either believe you did something wrong.
Yet i don’t believe that every player that’s annoyed from your actions and let you know about it bear the title “griefer”.
I believe that you can short this thing out with the “griefers” and move a bit your base so babies will respawn again and everyone will be happy. Last time i check we don’t loose materials when we dismantle anymore and building is always fun.


may you should not build on the ground anymore, poeple are using purge to raid bases on the ground lvl, that is their primary weapon now, and if they cant do so they will move to report weapon.

They seem not to punish people who build under the ground so there is always that option. :unamused:

Give an ******* a means and they will use it. Why? Just to be an *******.

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meh… erg…
griefers would probably report you for building in a tree.
At least that doesn’t seem to block anything.
Only real problem with building in a tree is stability issues.


Nobody knows. All they can do is guess while making a presumption of common sense being applied. The considerations go further than just one rhino as well. You block one, someone else blocks one and so on down the line. Suddenly there’s no more rhinos. What then? The rules may abruptly change.

As a bonus with no rule specifically against despawning rhinos, or any animal really, someone may get it in their head to intentionally despawn them all.

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