Is "find item mission" item can be hidden?

I’m currently doing a lvl152 find item mission (a nano program) and visited each room, killed and looted any mob, opened any chest and… I can’t find the item.
So I visited again the whole mission maze, click the “search” skill, but with no success neither.

As I never raised the perception skill, is the item to find can be an hidden item ?
Or a bug ?
Or something else ? On the minimap I don’t see any hidden room. And there is no room with stairs.

Sometimes the items are strangely shaped or placed in the shadows. I’ve had missions where I’ve had to go through the rooms two or three times to find it. It could look like a bomb (suitcase shaped, flat, placed near a wall in the shadows, in a corner behind a chair), or it was pyramid shaped - not the nice little box with the “?” mark that is more easily identified.


The Black/blue pyramid is really small and sometimes tucked right up in a corner & easy to miss-- especially if the map is one of the metallic “spaceship” looking ones. You have to turn and look back at each of the low partitions.

I’m uploading a video of the mission : I don’t see what I didn’t… seen.

[video removed]

The video does not load for me, but if you are online and on rk5 at the moment, I’ll accompany you to the misison and have a look.
Whats your ingame name?

I didn’t see the slim silver-grey briefcase - that’s what find item nanos look like when placed on the floor.

Eh, missions bug sometimes. Sometimes you can reset the mission by exiting, waiting 20 minutes- and then reenter. But it’s usually easier to just pull another mission for the item you want.

Looks like this but in 3d and from a top-down perspective.

I had a look at the video now.
There is indeed a hidden room in this mission.
You run past the entrance at around 2:50, where it is to your right.

When leaving the room at 3:02, do not turn right, run straight ahead.
The wall there is a hologram, the mission item should be inside.


You’re right, I just found it, and the nano was here…
Need new eyes implant…

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i suggest deleting the video since everyone can see your account name.
also the password length can be seen, and it’s not that long.

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What richarddom said!

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