Is full Grit or Vitality worth it for a tank?

Hello, so in 3.0 I am working on building a full tank that has full authority so I can be the tank for my friends and thralls while I take those hits. I been thinking of a build and at first I was going to go full Grit but then I say Vitality last perk where I can just mass heal with the gluttony perk. So I wanted to know, is it worth going full vitality or full grit for a Tank? I do not know how much armor I gain through Grit so I figure I would ask.

My current build was going to be
20 Authority
10 Strength (Using shield and one handed axe)
20 (Grit or Vitality)
10 (Grit or Vitality)

Let me know how I can improve this and which I should choose, thank you!

Why did you take away a third of your points from a tank build to do a babysitter build? 20 authority means you have a thrall tanking for you. Cut it back to buff yourself if you want to be the tank.

Beofre 3.0 came out I had a goal to collect a greater of every animal and make an entire army. I still do plan on doing that hence the 20 authority. I want to be able to use the thralls I am gathering cause I want them all to be level 20, and for the RP value of being a strong leader meaning strong thralls
. Plus that still works, that means me and my thralls are the ones tanking for my friends.