Is Funcom going to listen?

I understand what you mean, but that’s like saying peoples opinions don’t matter because they didn’t voice them, or don’t get on the forums. I didn’t say it should count in the polls, but the fact that there are people that could have either opinion should still play a factor in their ultimate decision. Not taking their opinions existence into account in the overall decision is basically saying that because you didn’t voice it, your opinion doesn’t matter. not to mention, the people that just flat out quit without saying anything at all should speak a factor, because that data actually is obtainable. So, again, just because someone didn’t voice their opinions doesn’t mean that they’re not there and don’t or shouldn’t matter at all.

it will go up for a very short duration IMO because they just added horses something that people have wanted for a long time. As they play it they will start to notice the other changes and realize it’s failure.

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It’s really up to FC to figure out how to count the opinions of non-vocal players if FC even care. Otherwise people like me who actually care and won’t quit will need to find their own way here to be counted.

I agree, FC will figure it out and it’s not our place to decide if their opinions say something or not, but when people are acting like those opinions don’t matter whatsoever, that should be addressed.

Agreed, that’s why I’m here as well, but not everyone is us. not everyone feels that their opinion is gonna do something, not everyone has access to the forums, and not everyone even cared to voice their opinions because they flat out quit over the update without saying a word to FC. Their opinions can’t just simply be completely dismissed by FC like people are acting as they should be.

What I’m getting at is instead of talking about whose opinions matter and whose don’t, well, I’ll quote myself from earlier.

That’s fine for you to think, but that doesn’t mean that FC should think the same. They have fans that didn’t voice their opinion and they know that. not only the opinions voiced are the ones that matter. simple as that. We’re not voting for a president, we’re asking if a mechanic in a game should be changed, not the future of an entire country.

And apparently I have to repeat myself, again. Why don’t we stop acting like someones opinions are better and find a middle ground. actually give a constructive criticism and look for a middle ground fix for the update that pleases BOTH hardcore sides? Arguing over who’s opinion matters is doing nothing but dividing people even further.

The simple fact is that there are people out there who don’t like it, and there are people that do like it. and instead of bickering like 5 year olds, why don’t we actually do some constructive criticism of the update instead of each other or the words they used? because you clearly understood what I meant.

I agree with you. I really do. I think the bickering is dumb. But I also feel that bad player arguments need to be challenged for the sake of keeping the debate and vocal players honest. Bad arguments (and I do mean bad arguments, not opinions I disagree with) can affect overall opinion and that does matters in this case, since there is a unique ecosystem with this company and its vocal player base.

I also don’t feel as optimistic as you that FC will figure out how to engage with their player base who isn’t vocal. This is anecdotal of course and I can only speak from my own experience: I read about the changes originally on steam news. I read between the lines of the announcement and realized this was a massive change and game redesign more than a fun content patch with some tweaks to balance. I had to dig for info to truly understand the gravity of the changes and when valid concerns were raised by other thoughtful players here and there was no real response or even acknowledgement. They allotted about a week for player testing right before rolling it out to a live servers which then affected all modes of game play. Of course a lot of these valid concerns raised early in this process became the basis for a lot of complaints that we are seeing over the past week. This all points to a very non-transparent internal process. So I don’t foresee FC going out of their way to really get a pulse of these non-vocal player base.

So that leaves us where we are now. Players who are happy and those who are not - with a very real split of the number of opinions where the majority does matter and will effect future game design decisions.
Non-vocal players (which I was at one point) will still be oblivious to the critical mass of opinion that is necessary to get the attention of this company to make changes/ take actions regarding this game (which is why opinions matter in this context). The only silver lining for me is that there was enough critical mass of opinion to hold off on deleting legacy thralls until they put out a counter and hopefully figure a way to let us delete thralls remotely. And that’s just how things seem to work here.


The whole combat mechanic is a mess. They fix one thing, something else breaks. It is no easy task. Just look at For Honor. It never overcame its problems.

I understand what an example is. but when it’s not of the same magnitude, the example fails to hold up. And actually, I would want people to feel the way they wanted. they could easily be on your side and all that would mean is that more people agree with you, not that my opinion wouldn’t matter. I’m not sure how else to help you understand either, but don’t assume what I’d feel just because you may feel that way if the shoe were on the other foot.
But should I post the definition of an argument for you to look at? because an “argument” isn’t always heated.

it’s not about being right. we have a disagreement. the fact that you feel the need to be “right” is showing how much you think your opinion is higher than someonelses, man. people can agree to disagree and then work towards a middle ground in which they can agree. we’re humans, we have the intellect.

clearly you missed the point, bud. have a good time acting like your opinion is more important, things don’t have to be written out to be said.

I was replying in the same way sarcastically, to sort of demonstrate my point. I apologize if I confused the subject by doing so. The entire point was we don’t have the numbers. What we do have is either anecdotal or the polls on this forum to base our samples off of.

I would believe the polls are are more reliable source then my own experiences. (Which is actually funny in the fact that in my personal experience, the opinion among the people I know, most of them have enjoyed the leveling thralls and mounts, but hate the movement system, have been pretty annoyed with the roll, and it has 100% unanimous. Unlike the poll where a small percentage actually does like it.)

So yes, we could hypothesize about how many people are silently enjoying the game vs. how many people are silently irritated with the change or quitting because of it, but…

When it comes down to it, the 60% vs. 16% poll for momentum is the best source we have.

I haven’t spouted out any numbers. The only time i alluded to anything like that was me replying with your ‘great majority’ to emphasize the point. I regret doing so now as it sent us down this pointless rabbit hole.

And about constructive criticism. I have posted quite a bit of that. Rather then repeating myself at this point, I’m just interacting with the rest of the community and taking part in the discussion.

I don’t believe I have once presented myself like a 5 year old and resent your perspective as such. If you want to think there was bickering, you can keep that to your side of the conversation.

I’m discussing the patch, criticisms of it, and agreements or disagreements with others… No need for anyone to bicker.

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And no one ever said your opinion doesn’t matter. Just that its in the currently ‘known’ minority.

yes, its a small sample. But its better then anecdotal evidence.

Funcom should be catering to the majority, as this is a business looking to sales more then anything else. If this patch is amazing enough its able to bring in more players then it loses, cold hard facts, Funcom did well, otherwise, if its the opposite, Funcom didn’t do well.

Going by the only evidence we have, polls from the forums, posts, and maybe in a little bit after initial DLC hype goes away, Steam player numbers…

More patches like this will be an issue for Funcom.

Thats the entire logic behind while majority is brought up.

No one is invalidating your opinion.

Some tweaks maybe be needed to achieve a good compromise between “now” and “before” but…
I still find this new dodge funny, and I do not think I am a so skilled player…
well, I do not know but… but…
“git gud” guys :slight_smile:

Well ive soloed bosses before also and its boring. When i say zero issues it means no i didnt die 3 times as i learned the mechanics of how climbing works.

I certainly didnt come here and whine about it.

So you want a Fortnite clone? The majority of gamers love it.

In case you have not seen the announcement :slight_smile: