Is funcom working or they all went on vacation?

askcing cauise we got massive lag with 1020 ping and 2fps frequent , and lag spikes every few seconds, , the server has been unplayable for over a week now, iam asking to know what to expect.

the game is completely unplayable…

pve official server 1930.

i wonder if i should expect a fix this month or if we should wait till september ? (when do they come back?)

They have not mentioned anything about a vacation. They are working on multiple projects geared towards CE. Please do not ask for details or possible time lines as you will not get an answer.

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They havent? Ok. In several topics in this forum they made posts about why they so freaking inactive, and it’s because of vacations.

But thanks for clarifying it they haven’t :slight_smile:

Most of our team has been, currently is, or will be on vacation shortly, based on the different studio locations and the current COVID-19 situation.


We hope the contingency will be over soon

thank you ignasis, but your reply does not say much, other than some had some are , some will, let me ask a direct question :

  1. are things (broken ones) and server issues being handled? i can tell there is at least 2 servers (1941 and 1930) both having issues for quite some time, yet there is NOT even word about whats going on, are theses issues being looked at (priotized?)

  2. is the game currently being worked on"? last patch was 1 month and 1 week ago, funcom has become silent, no announcements, no communication , nothing…

i can understand if people are on vacation, so i am not complaining, i just want to have clear information as to what to expect to problems that are being reported, and if those will be looked on later due to vacations, if that is the case we would like to hear it. it is frustrating hearing a week ago that there are hands on the problem , and there is no fix to this issue, or not even a word whats going on,

3 is a unplayable official server a priority for funcom? , cause right now , and based that a full WEEK has passed its either its not important for funcom or there is no staff to handle and fix it . there aint no third option , as we are still waiting for funcom to reach out anyone, to ask details about the problem that makes official servers unplayable, or any official communication stating whats going on, as of now its now an old issue that is preventing EVERYONE play on those servers. in my book it looks important for funcom to fix,

thank you!


thats the problem there , apparently based on ignassis report, you have no clue either, LOL

it will be fine and noone would be asking questions if ALL Official servers would be working OK , or at least playable, (not the case in at least 2 of em)


Im sure they are very busy working on many things . The new patch with avatars returning has only just launched on PC and soon is cominv to consoles. This is evidence that much is being worked on :roll_eyes:

As a member of the volunteer moderation team, we are not advised on vacations unless it involves a large number of their team. There are times of the year when Sweden goes on vacation and they do advise us of those times. The NC studio takes vacation time that allows one office to manned while the other is on vacation. I do know that different teams take vacations that do not conflict with other teams.


they are working sometimes d.

DEAR DEVELOPERS. I write everywhere. do something about the servers already. sometimes you do not even want to play, the Chinese and many others build up resource places, build up maps, games in textures. People want to play. and after that, you don’t even want to. servers 1320, 1307, 1321, 1312,1089,1130 and many such. Please listen to the people. the game is great but all this setuation is depressing

I wish I could get ranked up to actually do what I created my account for

thanks cattibria :slight_smile:

You should ask C-Portal instead, they are the server providers, not funcom afaik.

no, when i did they came back and said funcom needs to contact them , funcom is their customer, we are not.

@Palm522 They did acknowledge the issue. What if the solution is a wipe? :stuck_out_tongue:

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nope, that has never been the solution, and its an issue we saw happening a year ago,.

I thing that yes