Is it against the TOS (or illegal)?

But again, the difficulty of this (and it is an example of the difficulty for FC around land-claim in general) is that Selene’s comments are purely opinion. The rules don’t say “no foundation lines for land-claim”. If, as you describe, it was a temporary measure until you can get towers in place, I’d be tempted to say go for it. Even with towers, you’ll still have people that say it isn’t ok because of building spam, etc.

I saw last night that someone spider-webbed the Eastern Sea floor with foundations on my server. It is ugly, but they build on one of the rock pillars and don’t want treb towers. Realistically, what are they supposed to do? The building block area is so small that towers would need to be built like every ten meters to be effective, would that be better? I don’t really like it, but I understand. For me personally, if they covered the entire area and filled two or three map squares with spider foundations I’d call that ridiculous. Part of one square I’m ok with. But that is just opinion because the rules are so vague.

If you aren’t blocking access to resources, or completely surrounding someone and preventing play, then it is all just opinion on what is ok and what isn’t. That includes if the other player reported you, the FC employee who picked up your ticket in 2024 or whenever would just go by his opinion. Good example conversation the next time we have a “but landclaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmm spammmmmmmmmmmmm” topic popup.

The bigger question, as someone who hasn’t played PVE in a long time, can you go and grab stuff out of other players building? Seeing a wheel of pain left open like that just gives me anxiety. Is his base not rendering in completely from that distance? If it is, then he should thank you for building, maybe it will motivate him to cleanup that junkpile of a dock.

so what exactly do you think excesive land claim is? thats the issue. there is no rule that says you cant make big structures, (as long as you dont block anything or anyone. look how massive those strucutres are the ones that won the building competition. (Remember) its on the artisan tables.

Sure, but why not play it safe and also have something that looks nice? Two birds, one stone.

That’s PVP, right? You don’t need to do that on PVE.

Look, I know Palm522 asked about whether it’s against the rules, but that’s a question that nobody outside Funcom can answer with any authority. But if you’re on a PVE server and you don’t want people building too close to you, there’s really no special reason not to go that extra mile and convert your T1 foundation snake into something that looks nicer.

Not on official PVE(-C) servers, only on official PVP.


making stables in that location, no foundation lines, and peoiple will be a bit away from my little fortress. :slight_smile:


Valid points, but they don’t change my original point. This all illustrates the difficulty of landclaim in a game that has castle building as a core mechanic. If I build a nice house, and I want to say that this particular hill or field is mine, I have no way to stop someone from building without either a) farming a lot to expand my house to fill the area, or b) farming a little to line some foundations.

You might not like how it looks, but if building ugly was against the TOS, then we’d all be screwed at some point. Building towers or nice looking structures isn’t realistic because the claim size is so small, so you’d end up with tower spam instead of foundation lines.

I don’t mean that foundation spam is good, I mean that it isn’t so simple as “x is the right way, y is the wrong way”.

Sorry, I should’ve made it clearer that I’m not disputing your point about rules not being clear-cut.

Personally, I think rules shouldn’t be as clear-cut as people demand them to be. The admins should have a certain degree of freedom to exercise their own judgment. When the rules are too clear, so are the loopholes.

That’s why I was simply trying to offer a different point of view. For example, the current rules say that Funcom reserves the rights to act upon, amongst other things (emphasis mine):

Now, you can spend time worrying about whether an admin will decide that your foundation snake has no other purpose than preventing other players’ access to a building spot, and whether that constitutes an abuse of the claim system that needs to be acted upon.

Or, you can build your “buffer” in such a way that it has additional purpose, even if that purpose is merely decorative.

Again, your point is valid and I’m not disputing it. I just think that, on a PVE(-C) server, there’s a perfectly legit way to make that point moot.

Of course, there’s a way to abuse even that, and that’s where admins’ judgment comes into play again :wink:

If they said that then you need to @Community to help you further and don’t post it here they will have to handle that as that’s not ok at allow to claim that so they will help you more in a private message just be sure to have all evidence available when doing so


so through this thread, i’m sorry if i’m dense, but i did not figure out whether or not you’re playing on a PvP server or not. IF PvP, no, you are not breaking any rules, or, at least not any rules that are being enforced.

personal experience here. in fact, i even took video, sent it to funcom, of a clan that surrounded our entire base with build spam - nothing. no ban, nada. and i knew they probably wouldn’t do anything, but i figured i’d try, because i really didn’t want to fight this can 24/7. the fact is, on PvP servers, build spam IS part of the war, whether people like it or not. using building to claim land and prevent opponent expansion is a thing. i’m not saying i agree with it, or that people should do it - the merits of which have been exhaustively discussed on this forum. i’m just saying, no, at least based on experience, you would not get banned for such an act, at least not on a PvP server.

…and my experience is not just the report i did for above said situation. i’ve played PvP on quite a few official servers where build ‘spam’ is part of the meta in conquering a server. it is what it is at this point…

EDIT: reread the thread and maybe you’re on PvE - in which case I still don’t think you’re breaking the rules based on the screenshots. the rules are pretty loose, and unless it looks like you’re intentionally build-blocking someone, rather that just functionally building your own ‘base’, i don’t see them doing anything to you. even on PvE servers, many have, well, dominated through building.

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I have to ask, who was there first?

If you put up all that stuff, and then someone decided to move in next to you and complain, then that’s their problem.

If they were there first, and then you build spamstone right up to their base, not cool.


we were there, we decayed, he came and build a sandstone then he came on and off only to refresh, we came back and build in the exact same spot our previous place was . so it was nothing about being cool or not, we have a very specific base design we love that uses the terrain. in a very very efficient way. ill show a picture of our place in a bit.

you can see the place they put together, mostly sandstone, (removed the foundations lines already) and we are building stables. (the torch on top of the gazebo is ours)

and the black arrow tells you the place where this person is. compared to our building.

You keep trying to validate the fact that you built right on top of his base. Once your base decayed, you should have put up signs saying “we will be back soon” or “out to lunch” or “this land was willed to us by the FC gods” or “yes, we are entitled” or something.
Honestly, looking at your pictures I do not think you would get banned, but as Caffeine stated, “Not cool”.

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@Maedhros why foundation snakes instead of layers of walls? They would serve the same purpose while also giving extra layers of defense against gods/trebs and serve as defendable positions and archer posts. Plus they would look nicer. It is just all around better for defense and offense while also being better for beauty. It would also serve as a testament to the clan’s power and intimidate lesser foes.

This looks more like useless spam abuse than building actually
Players should stop claiming ground to avoid players building “too” close or not build on it at all…

huh? it doesnt look like a building? did you at least open up the screenshots and tell me if its not a builing? please…

let me show it again :


how exactly that building looks like a useless spam abuse? really ?

besides, question was / is simple, is it against the tos to build close to someone? i am not asking if its cool or not as that is up for a debate (one i am not interested in) what i want to know if its illegal based on the rules set by funcom,

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I think some people are still replying to the first picture. The first pic does indeed look a little bit like you are preventing anyone from building in that general area, which could be considered against the rules.

As others have said, and as you’ve said you are already doing, turning that area into a useful and aesthetically pleasing structure or structures will remove any worries you have.

It appears as though this person has constructed a small base, and as much as it sucks having someone build close to you, there are no rules against strictly building close to someone. Personally I try and always give loading distance as my safe zone so that I’m not too close to anyone, but on official PVE you kinda gotta take whats given to you. I’ve had people build right up almost 20-30ft away from me, took a while, but eventually they left the server and I built a map-room in that spot.

I can see that your building looks amazing and I’m sure you can build some really cool smaller objects around to create a nice area that everyone can benefit from!

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I don’t see faults on your statements , to be honest the way you see things is very logical . I know that PvP players , sometimes do not have time to make a land claim beautiful and they use vaults and foundations to do it , I can’t say that I like it , still this is a strategic move to make the trebuchet attacks less harmful or impossible . In pve however this action is wrong , unspeakable , ugly , etc … You have no rush to play the game , you don’t need great base , you don’t need 100 pets and thralls , you don’t need all the religions and most of all you don’t need to play against your neighbors . In pve you play to learn the basics of the game if you’re a new player ,or to relax if you’re a veteran player . The greatest reason you must not build a lot in pve but really smart is that you don’t want your biome to be totally destroyed from simple spawns , stones , trees , coal , iron nodes etc …
I ’ ve met people in pve servers that made great land claims but didn’t destroy spawns and every player is free to go and farm there . Others came to pve servers to train PvP ,playing against the whole server but safely because nobody can touch them . Now … I believe that all of us can understand the difference between these players , don’t we ? Spaming foundations for days or weeks without any other progress is purely land claim and in pve servers that is annoying and I believe that we all agree here , don’t we ?

there is people who doesnt like to PVP, we are buildiders we like to build , thats one of the main things we like, i dont like all the drama , and BS you see on PVP servers, way too many crybabies to the point i had to turn off chat several times.

not to mention pvp server are a borg fest of cubes and ugly buildings everywhere ( i can understant the logic, as there is no point to build something nice. i bet something nice is built in a pvp server, everyone (some even out of jealousy oe other simply to piss off someone will just target it for that reason alone, i have NEVER seen the level of toxicity you see over PVP servers my personal opinion , i do respect those who like the enviroment found in pvp servers, its their game time of course ,

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That is a good looking build. Can’t wait to get the Sipath map if only to be able to play on my Conan-Exiles server and others. If you can get necessary materials on Exiles.


Yeah, stormglass is just another T3 building material, and it takes the same mats as all others: hardened bricks, shaped wood and steel reinforcements. All you need is to have the Siptah DLC and you can build stormglass anywhere.


Thanks that is good to hear. That should open up some trading on the server. @CodeMage .