Is it just me? Wheres the dam servers!?

Me and 4 friends made a character the first day early. We have been wanted to play together since launch but our server is always full its official 6008, Iv had to play by myself now for 2 days without 3 friends that cant even dam join me because they work and cant get on till 6pm ish. The sever is full all dam night. How am i meant to play with my friends that have all spent the money for Siptah and they cant even dam play it for 2 days. I think this is completely disgusting how you aren’t putting up enough servers to accommodate the demand. Sort this out please, we have all gave our money to you and have nothing to show for it.
I would like a reply ASAP or 3-4 of us are going to refund it on steam. I’m also a streamer I have many hundreds of people watch me play games. Its in your interests to get this fixed ASAP.
Why on earth cant you put up more servers?

They do add servers though. As with every launch of something new, there are a lot of people who want to try the map out:

Many of us have also rented private servers to avoid sitting and waiting to get in.

P.S. A queue system would be nice as adding infinite number of servers that you have to keep maintaining afterwards is not always a good solution.

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Is that a threat? I have literally never heard of you before


Yes, please! I ended up starting all over on a different server yesterday, because the server I originally played on was full and there’s no queuing system. And I can’t even refresh the server list properly while I’m waiting.

I really, really hope I won’t have to start a third character tonight, because that would be enough to drive me back to Exiled Lands until Funcom adds enough servers to avoid this :frowning:

Right Jimbo lets break it down simple just for you. When I’m streaming the game and their are many many people watching and they are viewing you waiting to go into a server and not playing with your friends. It doesn’t make good TV, and its not helping sell the product … its pretty simple math.
So Jimbo its not a THREAT its a push in the right way to greatness.
Thank You for your response Jimbo,
P.S. I have literally never heard of you before either! Are you the Conan Guru? Can you help with this problem? If not your help isn’t needed here. Thank You
Nice pic

cool link your channel. I can’t even find you with a Google search.

That’s because you’re new around here

I think I’ve been called that before a couple times

I think the problem lies more in your attitude. I connect and play to servers just fine my dude

Your post isn’t needed here. Thank you

Thanks m8

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