Is it just me................?

Before the patch seemed like npcs were hurting me from far away and lagging me into them as well, since the patch same thing happens but now my target is off, toon movement is odd and the combat movement seems slower and awkward, climbing mechanics even worse. Just wanted to see if anyone else is having this problem or is it just me?


have not seen any of that sorry

Not just you. My friend and I have also been seeing several freshly crafted items vanishing or the resources are taken and nothing even appears and have experienced more game crashes since the update than ever. Our games on occasion wouldn’t load a few times until after a handful of attempts or a system or server restart. I sent 3 or 4 reports in within an hour or so one night. One other thing that comes to mind is we’ve seen npc’s spawn right on us where none were and kill us within seconds…just, poof, they’re there and we’re dead.
Another well crafted Funcom update…to be expected when the base game hasn’t been fixed in the first place.

Whats up with the new cripple that makes you just stand there and get killed? Im going to have to hold off on the dlc and game play, its really hard to play this game in its current state tbh.

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I didn’t get crippled yet but heard other players mentioning that too on my server.

Its aweful, im super bummed they broke the fight mech.

its repatch day after patch day. Stuff will settle down in a day or so.

My base has so many memory holes in it right now, I cant play.

No clue. The sluggishness of the fighting has to be a bug. I’d hate to think they did this on purpose.

I hope so too, its the pvp that makes this game fun it would be a shame if they killed it.

Hahahahaha dont get me started on the vanishing building pieces.

I noticed this as well. Feels like i am swinging thru molasses with the 2H greatsword and 2H axe.

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I was actually just reading your “lanes” post pretty spot on.

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