Is it legal to lay foundations in several quadrants of the map?

I start this topic because in my server there is a clan with many foundations on the map where it causes lag and constant server crashes where they are currently abusing this problem and they are even placing more foundations in front of the bases so that people do not grow in the server. I am waiting for an answer on this, thank you!

Hi! I’m going so assume this an official server you’re talking about. If it’s a private one, you should talk with its admin to see if they allow these things.

I think there are several issues here.

First of all, let’s answer the question that gives title to this thread: yes, it’s legal to build in several quadrants. It’s perfectly fine for you to have several bases in several zones (in fact, most people have a main base and small wheel outposts in other zones!). On a personal note, I try not to abuse that too much (like building several bases in of naturally well-defended spots), because overbuilding, aside from server issues, can discourage new people from settling in.

Now, the performance issue is a serious one, and it can be reported. I usually try to see if it can be solved by lowering my graphics configuration, because a really big base packed with several thralls and light sources can quickly hamper your performance, and it isn’t necessarily done to purposefully deter people from approaching.

The last part is what worries me. Building foundations to stop you from growing is a very nasty conduct, and it’s essentially griefing. I think the new rules also made that a bannable offense, too, so you can try that. But I’d rather first try to talk to people from that clan and ask them to at least remove the foundations that stop other people from building, and try to reach a peaceful conclusion to this. I woulnd’t mention the rules at first, and just talk about decency and coexistence; but I know better than to think people that just want an official server as their private Minecraft experience don’t exist. If they refuse, kindly remind them that rules are in place to prevent that behavior.

As a last resort, team up with every other person in the server and attack them. You don’t even need to wipe them out; Minecraft-esque players build for the aesthetics, and see their buildings damaged on a regular basis is sometimes enough for them to ragequit. I do hope you don’t have to resort to that, though, because it’s a tough situation (albeit a very interesting one; I’ve had to do this a couple times and have enjoyed having a sense of ultimate purpose).

As a last, LAST resort, you might have to switch to another server if Funcom determines they’re not doing anything wrong, or they take too long to answer. Empires rise and fall every day, and there are lots of servers that just wiped a clan of ruling griefers and could use new neighbors!

Hope that, whatever you do, things end well for you!


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