Is It Possible to Control Aggro?

So as I’ve been playing in PvE, I’ve noticed that it’s very difficult for someone to maintain aggro during a fight. Just based on what I’ve observed, the game doesn’t seem to value damage output as much as it does inflicting status effects. So even if a player is dealing most of the damage but only using attacks and combos that don’t afflict bleed/cripple/etc., the enemy will focus their attacks on, for instance, the archer who may be dealing lower damage but has higher instances of inflicting cripple with their arrows.

This makes it incredibly difficult to control the course of battle, because the frontliners typically only inflict status effects at the end of a combo while ranged support are constantly drawing aggro with their arrows. Does anyone have a good way for a melee character to keep the enemy’s attention without telling the archers to wait 30 seconds between each shot?

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Use quicker weapons. Shortswords, daggers, pikes

Use bleeds and poisons like you would Salvo.

and Well.

Hmmm. Aren’t those all Agility weapons? I’m a Strength build, personally. And I’m never able to control aggro using a spear/pike.

oh, definitely.
It’s a spear.

Ive noticed that NPC enemies will always prioritize attacking my horse… even if it has the longest follow distance.

I call that “when stupid meets stupid” effect. “idiotic programmed AI”

Artificial Ineptitude


Fully controlled aggro :slight_smile:

It was like this for minute or so :slight_smile:


ALWAYS. I hate when I have to chase the enemy which chases my horse which runs in circles.
Benny Hill show… :laughing:

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Not to mention wolf didn’t even sniff at me at all … I was standing there watching the comedy.

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Aggro in this game is modeled after The Benny Hill Show



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