Is it possible to deactivate the conansandbox.log

… or at least set the severity level (Only critical)?

– mikelei –

@mikelei you can deactivate some logs at this file:


Gamecode_Building=all off
Gamecode_Items=all off
Gamecode_AI=all off
Gamecode_Combat=all off
Gamecode_NPC=all off
Gamecode_Effects=all off
Network=all off
SmokeTest=all off
LogCook=all off
LogSavePackage=all off
LogPackageDependencyInfo=all off
LogTexture=all off
LogStreaming=all off
LogGameMode=all off
HeatmapMetrics=all off
LogUObjectGlobals=all off
AI=all off
Login=all off
ItemInventory=all off
LogScript=all off
LogNetPackageMap=all off
LogCharacterMovement=all off
LogAnimMontage=all off
Combat=all off
Global=all off

there are very likely more commands, but I don’t know them

Thank you for the infos. I will have a look which of this different sources cause the entries.

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