Is it possible to solo cradle of decay?

Currently stuck ‘charmed’ by first boss, had to kill the game by task manager- is there a way to solo cradle of decay?

Same thing happened to me. I was on a demo. Not sure if the class matters

Iirc, the final boss has two valves that need to be closed off at the same time (or in close succession) in order to make the boss targetable, I suppose it is possible to solo it but I imagine it would be hard for most because you would constantly get stunned.

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No, that’s Nog, later boss in instance, and I’d totally forgotten about that. so guess cant be soloed.

I’m a demo too, so, maybe.

you can solo all on necro. but not the last boss. don`t think you can solo kill flower on melee. also you can “solo” all if you use 2x acc.
p.s. I think last boss can be killed solo on tos. never did this, but maybe someone will try

Oh by Set… I miss that dungeon with its mechanics and [Toirdealbach’s Tomb]; cannot solo, you must have a group, like it was meant to be; may the Will of Set be done!

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You can solo everything but the first boss, because of the charm.