Is it really a bad update?

Ok, Did your foundations lose stability?
Does every one have their thralls? As nerfed as they may be.
Did any one get mystery banned?
Do you have all your croms?
Do you still have all your pets?

By that measure this was a good update. Which is sad in and of it’s self.


Since I started playing this game in 2018, this update has been the worst.
I’m unable to even use the things I paid for.
and the inventory was a total disaster that they should never to have touched.
how hard it is just to add a quick stack next to give all…


So not being able to use your content for a day maybe, is worse then having your bases foundation destabilize and you lose years of mats, armor, weapons, some of which can’t be replaced?
Or log in to being banned for a crom coin discrepancy?

I’m not saying this update was the best in the history of Conan exiles, just the lest game devastating since the ages started. I know it’s a low bar but they cleared it.


Whataboutism won’t help here. The fact that this update is subjectively “not as bad as” previous updates doesn’t change the fact that it is a bad update. And if it is a bad update, there are complaints, period. And rightfully so.
Actually, since I’m expecting the game to be unplayable for atleast a week after any update, the non-technical issues make this update even worse than the ones before, second only to that gosh awfull experiment that was the innertia/momentum based movement system.
To top it off, them messing around with the inventory system (which was working perfectly fine for years, mind you) introduced some new bugs in the process.

So by ignoring all feedback from Testlive and making changes that noone wanted or needed, they unnecessarily worsened the overall stability of the game. And this is just one example.


EVERYTHING you said here “having your bases foundation destabilize and you lose years of mats, armor, weapons, some of which can’t be replaced?
Or log in to being banned for a crom coin dependency?” I can ALSO say the same thing you did, “So it being like that for a day maybe makes it bad?”

YES! This update was awful in comparison. If you dont believe me look at ALL of the forms. If you dont think so after looking, there is no helping you to do critical thinking and understanding the problems THEY JUST CAUSED. And the things they took away with this update (which was never even mentioned was going to be removed in the patch notes)


Do you know who I am? Let me remind you I’m one of the biggest funcom nay sayers on this forum.
As far as the severity of the bugs and issues this has been the best update since 3.0 hit.

You don’t know what that term means do you?

There ya go.

Always been fascinated by this all or nothing attitude. I’m not color blind, I see all the colors from black to white. On a level of bad, with the nemedian foundation F’up as a 10 and that hot fix that only fixed one thing but didn’t brake anything doing it as a 1, I’d give this update a 3. I has bugs and quite a few but not any truly game breakers. They actually fixed those on testlive a week ago.

Of coarse the only bugs fixed from testlive are game breakers. Bugs that have broken updates weren’t on testlive.

Compared to what? My point is in comparison this one was pretty good.

I do, maybe you should stroll back to the last few updates and look at the forums then. Today is damn near an average day on the forum.

No I don’t need help being level headed and recognizing fact. If you think this update is any where near as bad as most you’re the one that needs you measures checked.

The one thing I do well is critical thinking, the one thing I always strive for is understanding. I know the bad in this update, go read the testlive thread.

Now my question is why hasn’t everyone seen the unicorn funcom just gave us? We had practically a precedence in this up date.

Funcom: - Does it work?
Player: - Yes, it works!
Funcom: - What an omission, it must be broke immediately.

Funcom: - Does it work?
Player: - No, it doesn’t work as it should!!!
Funcom: - It needs to be broken.
Player: - But it’s already broken!
Funcom: - We’ll destroy it down the other way to be sure.

Funcom: - Does anything work here?
Player: - No, wait! Don’t break anything else!!!
Funcom: - I destroy, therefore I exist!

I’m a moderate. people give me guff about being a hater, a pessimist, a detractor, when they are not.
And when I tell people it isn’t as bad as they are making it out as I’m a funcomboy.

Everything in moderation, there is actually a middle of the road, and this update is a bike riding the center line.


I have to admit, you might be right. A snafu is, of course, better than the total disaster we experienced in Chapter 3. That was rock bottom and a complete failure.
However, breaking more stuff when a bunch of things are broken can’t be considered any improvement. Sure, they have fixed some stuff, but that’s rather far from proper or good.

Aww. You CAN be nice. :grinning:

I jest, but yes. It’s nice I kept things.

However the UI changes are going to make me bald.

“They screwed up a core game mechanic with a complete system overhaul that was totally unnecessary!” - “But what about the Nemedian foundation bug? That was worse!”

That’s what this term means. Playing down current issues on one field by comparing it to former issues in a completely different field in this case.
It is true that they had worse f’ups in terms of bugs when compared side by side. I’ll give you that. But that is not the point. It’s not about the bugs per se. It’s about what they do and how they’re doing it.
The point is that FC keeps messing up. Over and over again despite knowing it better. And people are pointing that out every time FC does that, as every time this happens, ppl are loosing more of their patience - and because it is the only way to make FC aware of their errors. They do not listen to feedback. They keep changing core systems of the game in a way that most players do not like. They put hundreds of hours into overturning things that are working as intended to reinvent the wheel - even tho nobody was asking for it - and by doing so introduce even more bugs. But they completely ignore long standing issues that are actually gamebreaking.
Heck, even completely minor issues that could be fixed in literally a single minute are completely ignored. The Steel greatsword having the same icon and model as the iron greatsword since the day greatswords where added to the game, even tho the actual icon and model for the steel variant are allready present in the game files. All they’d have to do is change two entries in the ItemTable to fix it. But instead they tinker around on things that everybody is totally fine with.
The point is that they “fixed” things that didn’t need fixing. Things that had a really bad feedback but they pushed it through anyways. And in the process introduced bugs that wouldn’t even exist if they would have listened to the feedback.
The ammount of grief concerning the bugs is - and this is where you are right - moderate. But that is not what ppl are complaining about.
The story repeats itself.

FC introduced the momentum based movement.
The vast majority of players hated it on Testlive.
FC rolled it out anyways.
Players gave them heat until FC finally removed it.

FC introduced the rotation locked attacks.
The vast majority of players hated it on Testlive.
FC rolled it out anyways.
Players gave them heat until FC finally removed it with this update.

FC introduced the changes to the inventory system and thrall commands.
The vast majority of players hated it on Testlive.
FC rolled it out anyways…
… and now players are giving them heat until FC reverts the changes.

On top of that: The nemedian foundation bug only affected those who built with this set. Everyone else was fine.
The Bazaar-Bans only affected a fraction of the playerbase. Everyone else was fine.
But the inventory bugs are affecting everyone and wouldn’t even be an issue if they just would have listened to the overall negative feedback. Those Bugs are just the icing on the cake when it comes to complaints.
That is in part what I meant with “subjectively not as bad as”.

As I said: I’m expecting the game to be unplayable after every update until they roll out a couple of hotfixes. I don’t even bother that much. A leftover tollerance from my constant white knighting for Funcom since 2017. But even my patience is fading. The last time I enjoyed the game itself was in late 2019. Since then I don’t even bother with vanilla CE anymore and exclusively play on heavily modded private servers containing a lot of gameplay tweaks to revert or atleast alleviate a lot of issues I have with the game since then. But this update introduces changes to core game mechanics that cannot be easily moded back to normal. And to repeat myself just for the sake of it: Thereby introduced bugs that would have been completely avoidable if they just would have listened to the people that FC is required to cater to for their money.

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As far as roll outs go and potential loss, I agree that the bugs being identified are small in comparison. HOWEVER I would avoid other bases until the phasing issue is resolved (been burned prior to the update about loosing my gear after phasing through some stairs so any hint of a known bug of this is clear sign to stay the F away)

I think you are looking at it through the eyes of a vet with years of collected inventory that is just not available anymore. Your Captain thralls, your undead fridges, your Yog’s touch with 50% AP, your mad prophet armor set (BTW @den You promised we would see that in a recipe some time). Many of these newer players don’t see the exclusivity loss that we would in a wipe so they cannot understand the concerns we have when something pops up that just wipes something you can never EVER get back.

To them, time is the issue. They spent time making this or that or the other and don’t want to do it over again. This is just as important to them as the loss of our digital unique item.


Whataboutism: the technique or practice of responding to an accusation or difficult question by making a counter accusation or raising a different issue. Kind of stretching it to get it to apply here.

I’m trying to apply a sense of scale that seems to be lost on some. Not saying you’re wrong on most counts.

I play vanilla, pubic. Yes sort of sews but not going anywhere and not weighed down by mods.

No, 2 new bugs allow killing of thralls in PVE. Won’t reveal details here.

No, there is now 2 bugs allowing destruction of others base outside of raid hours or in PVE.

People were not fearmongering earlier when they were trying to prepare for the update. You laughed at them.

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Well I know of one but wasn’t going to sacrifice a neighbors thrall to find out.

Thought I had fixed that was supposed to be pets.

Maybe because it was a bit absurd?
I posted the only prep you needed.

Not so much of a stretch to apply but apparently more of a misunderstanding, I guess.
I sifted through your comments and while we might weight the impact of bugs differently to some extend, you aren’t trying to downplay the overal issues with the update by pointing out that former updates had more bugs.

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