Is it safe to upgrade temples?

wondering if that got fixed and if it is safe to upgrade temples… (dont want to loose my time on it)

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It has definitely become safe to upgrade Ymir and Set since one of the recent updates.
It has always been safe to upgrade Yog and Mitra.
I cannot vouch for Derkheto and Jhebbal Sag.
But you should be safe in any case, provided your platform of foundations is 1 block wider than the footprint of the shrine.

Yes, had a t3 derketo since before war maker, still works fine.

I asked about the bug where upon upgrading t2 to t3 temples result in the t3 disappearing… Ignasis confirmed it was NOT fixed in the Warmaker patch. It was not mentioned in the most recent hotfix notes so probably still not fixed.

Upgrade at your own peril … it’s still likely to go bye-bye. (It’s still listed on the Trello board as “under investigation”.)

PS: just read a new report of newly upgraded t3 temples disappearing, see link:


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