Is it safe to use Insulated Wood building pieces at map position J5?

As I’ve only just started upgrading my base (Since PS4 only just got the parity patch last night my time), I’d prefer upgrading the Sandstone pieces to Insulated Wood, since I prefer the look of that over Stonebrick. I know Stonebrick and Insulated Wood have the same durability, but it’s the fact that Insulated Wood is cold resistant that makes me unsure. The fact Insulated Wood is also the cheaper solution helps too, Stonebrick pieces need Shaped Wood, Bricks and Iron Reinforcements, yet Insulated Wood pieces only need Insulated Wood and Iron Reinforcements.

For my exact position, my base is in the upper left hand corner of J5.

Might get a little warm, but should be safe enough. Might want to watch where you’re placing things like furnaces and such, but I think you can use things like witchfire torches to help cool things down if you need to. Also having some windows should help.

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Thanks for the reply, I’ll make sure anything that generates heat has a considerable amount of space between them and other heat generating objects, I’m guessing Radium torches are fine as well?

That region shouldn’t be so hot that building materials would kill you, but yeah, I guess you could reduce the heat effect with some tricks as mentioned above. I’ve used insulated wood north of Sepermeru without problems, although wearing cold-weather clothing gets very uncomfortable very quickly (but that happens even outdoors).

I had the same problem and now thanks to this topic i have solve it

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