Is it time for a Second Edition?

What we have in this game is not raiding. It is demolition derby. Explosions are so counter to Conan Lore, in that Conan was involved with armies when it cam to raid massive kingdoms, and uses the bandit approach as a thief or a pirate, where the goal was usually treasures, not destruction. Again, the only raid “mechanic” requires no armor, melee weapons, or really thought tbh. Just mass farm 6 mats: Stone, Hide, Bark, Brimstone, Demon Blood, and crystal. Then naked blow stuff up 20 tnt at a time as you respawn with no consequece for death, especially if they are offline, the task is more server clean up/boredom than immersive world raiding.

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Gotta be honest… can’t disagree with you there. The WHOLE game is farming. If you wanna win a raid: farm. Wanna defend against a raid? Farm. Wanna beat every boss in the game? Farm.

You’re not wrong on that point. And I agree. We definitely need better landclaim/ PvP mechanics.

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