Is it true that you have put an masiv easymode close to a gamekiller on the WOP?

When its takes no time to get a thrall done? And what have you made all folowers close to useless?

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Log in and check?


I did and cud not belive what bad they have done for the game!

How does having a longer wait to break thralls make the game harder? It just makes the game take longer.

There’s no skill involved with letting a timer tick down, and it’s a welcome change considering the massive thrall rework. Also considering they’re squishier now and without epic gear they’re pretty likely to die. Had a Dalinsia drop two RHTSs in epic gear at lvl 15 to half heath in the blink of an eye and they rarely tackle red mother without being dropped to half health.


This is a good question.

Would making a thrall take years on a wheel of pain like in the movie make it the true test of one’s skill in the game? No, it does not.

I’ve said this over the years in these forums and elsewhere. Killing 2 boars isn’t harder than 1, nor is killing 5 harder nor 10 or 100. If you want the content to be harder you don’t increase the time it takes, you increase the complexity of it.

More time =/= difficulty
More time = Boredom

Now we need less wheels of pain since in the time it takes to fill up a greater, there will be more space from the first thralls put in being done. This is a good thing.


Its not a good thing, you don’t need to look to have a taskmaster anymore.
Thrall breaking is way too quick now.
If they change how long it takes to level thralls to level 20,


So what? You prefer seeing the usual mess of t3 wheel after t3 wheel near t4 fighter spawns?
It was a damn good call.


Hm. Will this change now make, players stop building wheel of pain bases near t4 spawns?
Will they now drag unconscious thralls back to their bases?
I’m not sure how this change stop players from building t3 wheels of pain near thralls spawn locations…

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you don´t understand the problematic. In order for the wheel to work faster you are suppose to use a taskmaster. With the instant crafting timer the game is loosing one more feature.

You should go out and take a thrallmaster to see an effect on the wheel. That is the f… job of that thrall.

Its not about making the wheel faster in general, its the thrallmasters that should determen the speed.

I do not want to sacrifize another Conan feature. Denis needs to stop with stupido nerfs.

For what do we have thralls in the game if the devs doesn´t allow a proper use of them anymore.

No matter if thralls or pets, they all had a purpose in the past. People loved this companion feature and now it gets completely destroyed by more and more of Denis nerfs.


The taskmaster still works, right? A t4 sets the wheel to warp speed, @Winthor ! :smile:
If this measure declutters capture zones, I welcome it.

No. Oh, they will build them. But instead of 6 per clan you might have 1.

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You were the same one that insisted that rituals should take longer when I proposed sourcers could help perform them faster. Now you contradict yourself to shill again for the devs, despite it directly contradicts what you have said before.
You are very disingenuous in all discussions. Your arguments consists only in shilling.

You are comparing apples to oranges here.

All the devs have done here is matched the timers on their servers to mine. They’ve agreed with my settings, not the other way around.

I’m not understanding how people are finding followers useless. I played this weekend and my lvl 11 dalinsia is one shorting all npc’s including t4’s and took out the white tiger in 4 hits. She is one shorting t1’s with a kick. Thralls are now extremely op. As far as the stamina changes go I have nothing invested in grit, no armour bonus and I’m still doing full combo and regaining full stamina in a heartbeat to go again. I’m buggered if I can see what the fuss is about.


They still have utility on the benches with increased durability and I think concussive damage.

It was a great change to reduce wheel spam.

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Quite a few people logged in, checked stats, and with no context logged right back out and started making complaints.

The other part of this is people are seeing their thralls taking damage across many fights, where before with how much health some followers had, incidental damage didn’t add up quickly enough to matter. But now it does, and you either need to give the thralls time between fights, or swap out thralls so the other can get some rest in.

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I will build off of this with an additional tip; warpaints on thralls and using the buff potions is something Ive been doing recently.

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I didn’t think to look, but did they give warpaints stats again? They were removed in AoS.

I could double check the functional warpaints again as soon as i can get on my server

@Tuffman, @Tystin, @Darkzombie, woo-hoo. That’s the highlight of this topic for me, guys, love you miss you :metal:. Dark will we have a war? Are you ready? The next days i will invest on our friends server to prepare FOR WAR!

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