Is it worth coming back?

ive played quite abit back in the old days and then came back launch of new sever and stopped around 140.

i love the game and i keep getting pulled back. No other MMORPG has matched it.

when i played i struggle with finding teams and levelling (new sever) is it still the same atm? id hit a point and felt it was dead. everyone is at end game and new or players that are behind struggle to progress.

so my questions 1. is it still slow at certain points? 2. is there anyone that wants to start couple new toons and play through the game? 3. is it worth coming back again :smiley:

People make alts, keep busy and hitch a ride when the time comes.

I play on the main server, I came back recently and it was so quick up to 100, really fun. 100-160 just depends on ely hecks teams or kite teams if im honest. After that you wanna do dark ruins solo that gives you plenty of levels and try to start maybe ado main quest, the main normal and elite dailys and if you can a ado heck team. On my shade who im at 206 with atm, 170-200 was a real grind but I’ve had fun, its taken a long time sure but ive just made other characters or played other games when there wasnt a team going for what i wanted.

its was fun lvling up again on rk2019. Havent played for 6 months now, mostly due to that the fact I refuse to pay 15 buck pr month for a old game with barely any support.

Just saying if it was 5 bucks a month I would be most likly a life time subcriber :stuck_out_tongue:

Me with an active legacy €5 SL only account


tbh game is crowded much more than it was l4-5 years ago. I, myself, ended at one point marching in empty places and seen noone online, but now its much more different. Today I spend time with org that has average 20 players online (yesterday top was 47!) and I love how it all works. AO for life!

Rk19 has gotten a little faster for leveling with the addition of daily missions from Freelancers and The Bar.