Is it worth the effort?

Hey new to being a server admin, have a bit of background with game commands in an offline capacity so getting the hang of it…
I’m running a 20 slot PvE server open for any to join that will play with respect of the other players of course and keep to the PvE play style.
My server community has grown to a nice 22 active members, luckily they don’t all log in a the same time… My next goal is to incress the max slots for the server so what I want to know is how much effort are the dev team are putting into the game to make it great… I can see so much potential for so many different features. (yes most comming from my time playing ark) but nonetheless these features would make game play worth it for me to keep my server running and to increase its capacity for new players and for my own motivation to keep playing and expanding.

It is a lovely game just lacks a few key elements that would make game play smoother. Generally in the control of how ownership works and clan management.

Thanks for your time

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