Is joining a server with the intent to wipe everyone against policy to you guys


So I haven’t played Conan Exiles in a long time. I decided to get back on because a friend bought it. I’ve made the mistake of being friendly and joining alliances to avoid being wiped in a PVP server in the past. Now that I’m experienced in what I’m doing. I decided to join a server and wiped more than 6 clans in less than a day. Basically I have a couple more clans to wipe but I just want to wipe every person then move on to another challenging server. Is that abusive or something you guys would consider a terrible offense? The server has about 30 people so I bet I have made A LOT of people mad. However I am certain I have done enough to make some quit.

Define offensive/abusive. Do you mean as in is it bannable? or is it ethically bad?

I don’t think you should be banned from a public server for it, though a private server admin is free to do whatever they want with their server, including anyhow banning people.

If you’re asking if its ethically bad. Hmm… your goal is to go out of your way to waste all the time someone else has put into the game, and not even for a selfish purpose. Your only goal is cause everyone on the server to be upset. Yeah I guess its kinda bad.

If your goal was to steal stuff and be selfish, then yeah I could maybe understand that, but then you wouldn’t need to wipe them out, just break in and steal. And you seem to know that what you’re doing is causing people to be upset, but you didn’t write anything about it affecting or slowing you down.

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It is a game, it is conan, it is brutal - deal with it

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I don’t really play PVP (in any MMO) because I’ve never understood the “culture” of PVPers. Some speak of honorable combat and rules of engagement, whereas others consider every passer-by a potential victim. Of course, this matters most in games where PVP is everywhere, all the time - or at last in a significant portion of the game.

In Conan Exiles, you can choose to join a PVP server, or a PVE-C server. If you do, you implicitly accept that other players can (and will) attack you, and either you’re strong enough to defend what is yours - or you’re not.

Private servers may have their own rules of engagement, and admins who enforce those rules. Public PVP servers are free-for-all sandboxes where no-one’s going to ask you why you kill them and steal their stuff.

Basically I did it to waste everyone’s time I guess. It is a 10x server so I’m expecting the admin to ban me but destroying everything is just so satisfying. Either way it was a lot of fun. I didn’t have to grind too hard because I stole everything and raids will be harder because I am wiping everything. My friends enjoy the game so far but eventually I see myself calming down.

Sounds to me like you took advantage of the Free Weekend (where RP players were playing Officials and elsewhere) and valiantly took on an empty-ish 10X RP Server. I have witnessed similar in a Vanilla RP Server a time or two: IME you will be banned and the server will be rolled back. No harm, no hurt feelings. :slight_smile:

Oh, I didn’t know they can roll back these sort of things.
Well in that case, he can do whatever he wants. It doesn’t matter.

The main reason why I don’t play PVP is because it tends to attract schoolyard bullies and gives them a penalty-free opportunity to fulfil their power fantasies. And because I’m a mediocre player in most games that depend on hand-eye coordination, I’d be a victim more often than a vigilante, so I don’t wish to participate in enabling said fantasies.

I don’t mean to imply that all, or even most, PVPers are like that, but there seems to be a greater than average concentration of bullies in the PVP environment. They give the whole PVP aspect of games a bad name.

But at least you were honest about your motives, and I can respect that.


Aren’t PvP servers designed to wipe each other out and destroy their bases? It seemed to me the OP did exactly what the server was made for.

It’s PVP, you play on those servers with the intent to wipe and be wiped

I keep being asked for mercy and for alliances. I decline because power was never my objective. It is strange.

Pvp = survive and dominate = kill or be killed

PvP is like real life - no guarantee it will be fair or safe.

The disdain usually comes from someone being a lying, cheating, or stealing low-life or smack-talking blow hard ‘griefer’ just to make people upset. I think it’s funny when PvP’ers brag. Because at the end of the day, it’s still just mouse & keyboard clicks. Like winning the special Olympics…I guess it’s a maturaty thing.

We have had some fun PvP events (winner take all) that didn’t have to result in someone ‘wiping’ everyone to prove how great they are at a video game. but, still that’s ‘to each his own’ and all play styles are allowed on Officials.

[quote=“BamBombSpaghetti, post:13, topic:57556, full:true”]
I keep being asked for mercy and for alliances. I decline because power was never my objective. It is strange.
Whatever…Your protagonist boasting means nothing to anyone. You are either a total liar, or you found a server with weak players or an unmanned/unministered PS. Take your weak boasts elsewhere, as you could not compete on a real PVP server. I cant count the troll BS Ive heard online and in-game in regard to small testerone/■■■■■■■■ people like you that dream of domination when in reality you are a less than a frog in the swamp of life.

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First let me answer your question with a question, why do you want to wipe anyone completely and possibly make some people quit the game?

Secondly if you ever came to a server I play on and did something like that for no reason at all, me and a few other bored longtime level 60 players would hunt you every time you were online, sort of doing the same to you, but for a reason.

Not so long ago 2 players joined a PVE-C server that I play on, they called themselves experienced pvp players and threatened everyone in global chat that they would kill everyone during conflict hours.
They did actually kill a lot of low level players + a few high level players who said they were using speed hacks and could move 2-3 times faster than any other player.
Some of us decided to hunt them down and kill them over and over until they left.
We found their base and since it is a PVE-C server we can’t destroy their buildings, but we could kill all their thralls and pets by dragging boss creatures and aggro them close to their pets and thralls.

After that we kept on hunting them if they were online during pvp hours, they are still present on the server, but not nearly as loud in chat anymore.

The point of this story is that your actions may have consequences and you might end up being the victim instead of the dominator and perhaps begin to feel the same as those you have wiped completely for no reason at all.

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Isn’t this you complaining about betrayal?

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