Is Lilla Edet in the game?

Hey! dunno if i should post this in English or Swedish but who cares, i’d just like to ask if Lilla Edet is in the game?

i read the ttela (a local newspaper) that came out friday the 8th of june last year, where the game was mentioned, been looking forward but kinda forgot about it… now i just scrolled by it on steam and found it, and it’s looking good! thinking of buying it when the price is dropped a bit, or if i could get some discount for being from the region :wink:

Mvh, Hugo S, från Lilla Edet

Good question!

No, this location is way up north. I don’t know much about this game, but if there were ghouls there, I’m supposed to imagine them as really big, really strong and really grumpy. I don’t think you’re going to get much of a discount out of them. :shushing_face:

From my estimations of the ingame map it stretches a bit further north than Kungälv, but not much. So I would say that no, Lilla Edet is not in the game.

LOL man! I know that place. Had a girlfriend there once.
Im from Gothenburg.

Lilla Edet would fit outstanding on this map!